Melrose Place Season Finale Review: Ella Sims By Knockout!!

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The second iteration of Melrose Place had its share of ups and downs.

After last night's epic season finale, though, all we can say is that the clash of WPK titans actually lived up to the hype, and that if the CW doesn't suck it up and give MP a second season, some interns here at TVF are seriously gonna break $h!t.

In our review of "Wilshire," we begin with the undercard, so to speak, before leading up to the heavyweight bout. First up? David trying to fix things with Lauren.

Unfortunately, Morgan is bat$h!t insane and doing her best Violet impression, only Melissa Ordway has more acting chops in her left pinky than Ashlee Simpson.

In any case, Lauren shows up at Coal to congratulate David on his achievements when Morgan basically pulls an Alpha Female move and calls dibs on him. Snap.

He chases after Lauren and they make up. All is right with the world ... until Morgan's dad shows up to kick David's ass for stealing from him and hurting Morgan.

This show is the best.

WPK Rivals

Hey, look at that. The L.A. County jail called - they're runnin' outta you!

Better still, Morgan's dad threatens to spare David if he works for him as a thief! If he refuses, than Lauren will pay. PAY! This guy is cut from the Dr. Mancini cloth!

Speaking of the evil doctor, Lauren reveals to Drew that she was called to help him install another one of his heart valves in a patient, which Drew takes issue with.

Drew confronts Mancini about his faulty device, and while he appears to listen, he's always got a plan. Diabolical SOB. Thomas Calabro just kills us every week.

On cue, security guards search Drew's locker and find oxycotin pills. Do not eff with an effer, as we once heard on Gossip Girl, could be the evil doctor's tagline.

After a season in the shadows, Lauren decides to make things right, telling everyone about the poisonous valve, and enraging Mancini beyond words. OMFG.

Riley and Jonah (try to stay awake) decide to go to an NYU mixer as friends. Jonah has a change of heart and wants Riley back, but she tells him he blew it. Burn.

At the party, Jonah confesses to Ella, who is not happy. She does thank Jonah for helping her realize she can be in a relationship, but just not with his dumb a$$.

So basically, Jonah is an idiot, which we have been saying for weeks, and he's just coughed up not one but two insanely hot girls. Call us, Katie and Jessica?

That's not quite all for Riles. In another stunning twist, she opens up about Jonah to Drew, who then confides that he's quite possibly gonna be dead soon.

He's got one of Mancini's toxic heart valves himself ... WTF!

Finally, the battle of the bombshells ... babes ... businesswomen ... bitches ... other words starting with B. It's Amanda vs. Ella for all the marbles. Last call for bets.

Amanda talks to a Mr. Lao about bringing him the Sydney Andrews original, which means she's pinpointed a location ... but then the original Sydney herself arrives!

As a figment of Amanda's imagination, that is. Or a hallucination. A dream? Who the frick knows. All we can say is that it's obnoxiously cheesy, but we still love it.

Ella tries to butter up Amanda, but she has proof of her dalliance with David. Ella ponders why she chose to model herself after a cold-hearted bitch. Mmm hmm.

Round 1 goes to Woodward when she smacks Ella AND fires her.

MP Finale Photo

When ghosts are taunting you, it's a rough night.

Ella stops by Riley's looking for Jonah, but instead spots the painting and the light bulb goes on! Ella now has it in her possession. Safe to say Ella wins Round 2.

We're just getting started, though. Amanda breaks into Drew's apartment. Ella catches her and gloats about her new leverage. Amanda looks like a lost puppy.

In exchange for it, all Ella wants is her own PR company and all the clients she signed for WPK. And funding. And all this in writing. Done, done, done and done!

For good measure, Sydney shows up to taunt Amanda. So wrong, yet so right.

The final round comes when Ella arrives to collect, Amanda tries to turn the tables by saying she didn't read the fine print, but Ella turns them right back on her.

She had a P.I. take photos of her with the stolen painting. Game, set, match!

As the FBI shows up to arrest Amanda, we see that PK (formerly WPK) has put Ella in charge of the LA office. Amanda vows: "This war is just the beginning."

We hope that's true. But if this is truly it for Melrose Place, we can safely say it was a fittingly over-the-top conclusion with Ella Sims dethroning the ice queen.

What did you think of the Melrose Place season finale? Should the CW renew the show? Are you pleased with the ending if it does not?


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please bring back melrose place for a second season. We are addicted to it. Its the most interesting show on the air. There is no replacement for melrose place. The plots are interesting and edgy. its an awesome awesome show.


I really hope The CW gives Melrose Place a 2nd season. The show is so much better than Gossip Girl and 90210 and frankly, they don't seem to rate much higher. How come they can give those early renewals and not Melrose? The show has dramatically changed since around episode 10 and has just gotten better and better. The only problem is the awful timeslot! Surely they realise that! They need to move it to a new night (or renew it for a midseason slot) and give it another go. C'mon CW!! Surely you can see how much the fans want another season!


The most addictive TV show I've seen I a long time. The characters are believeable, the situations are so tense, and they all dress so well ALL THE TIME! It's incredible! I've been following this from the UK - dedication. Lauren and David are the hottest couple ever. FML. Please produce a 2nd season!


I hope it gets a second season it was the only thing that kept me home and glued to my tv on tuesdays. Ella kicked ASS!!! I like every character except Rilley and Jonah. Plz CW give us a 2nd season.


David/Lauren:Finally back together!But of course Morgan and her dad have to come and mess that up!This has to be my favorite couple! Jonah/Riley:They were kinda boring!I can't believe Jonah would want Riley back.Is he crazy?Ella is freaking hot! Riley/Drew:They are starting to grow on me.I think I'm going to like Drew's storyline with his heart and stuff. Amanda/Ella:GO ELLA!She kicked ass. CW better renew Melrose Place for a second season.The show has become one of my favorites.


oh i love love love this show! i started watching it because it was on before one of my other fave shows, and i became ADDICTED! I think that now that Violet is gone, the show will be better. and i think that Drew was the best thing to happen to that show. the episodes are much better with him in it, and i actually almost shed a tear when he revealed that he has one of Dr. Mancini's heart valves. I love the David/Lauren story line, but the Jonah/Riley/Ella one gets on my nerves. i hate Jonah, he's gross, and Riley is a bore. Ella is great, but i'm glad her and Jonah are no longer together because she was too cool for him and he was a major nerd. I don't like Drew with Riley though. he's too fun, and she is deathly boring.
I hope CW renews. I need to know what happens with David ♥




if it wasn't for ella and david i wouldn't even tune in... jonah is a jerk for kissing riley, ella is 100x better! riley needs to be killed somehow :) just haven't liked her from ep. 1.


YES. YES. YES. YES RENEW FOR SECOND SEASON. I watched the finale twice in a row!!!!!! I loved every single second of the finale. Love Katie Cassidy (Ella), she is straight up HBIC. So happy Amanda is in jail and it shows that the story line between the two will get uglier as the show goes on. Jonah is an idiot. Riley is so annoying and gets every show canceled (like Life As We know it). Drew could care less, but Lauren and David and great. Also Dr. Mancini is a bad ass to the top. Please please please Cw renew it, best show CW has. Better then Gossip Girl and way better then 90210. I love love Katie Cassidy with all my heart and if I dont see her in fall on the same show will not watch any CW shows!!!!!!!!!


I hear that the "P" in WPK is supposed to be Allison Parker (Courtney Thorne-Smith's character from the original)

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