NCIS Sirens Dish on the Battle For Gibbs

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Leroy Jethro Gibbs is unlucky in love.

NCIS fans know this all too well, as it's part of the fabric of the tough-as-nails special agent. But with two potential love interests in play, is his luck about to change?

“Gibbs is a great character,” says Dina Meyer, who plays madam Holly Snow on tonight's episode. “I’d think the audience would like to see his feathers ruffled a little.”

Is she right? Partially. She checked.

“There are people who enjoyed the chemistry that Holly and Gibbs had,” Meyer says, having gone online following her first NCIS appearance, “and there are some die-hard fans who hope their beloved Gibbs stays single and sticks to his job.”

She thinks those fans need to cut their hero a break, though: “He deserves to get a little action here and there!” Meyer laughs. “If the fans really love him, right?”

Meanwhile, a more regular presence this season has been Rena Sofer (24), whose hard-a$$ attorney, M. Allison Hart, initially appeared hellbent on harassing Gibbs.

Hart Attack

But clearly it wasn't that simple ... to the chagrin of many fans. When the duo moved in for a kiss at the end of Sofer’s second episode, it sent groans across America.

Sofer seeks to reassure fans, however.

“One morning, the guard who stands at the front gate of my daughter’s school said, ‘I don’t like you,’ out of nowhere,” she says. “I said, ‘What are you talking about?’ He’s like, ‘What are you doing to Gibbs?’ I’m like, ‘Oh, that. Trust me. You’re gonna like me.’”

In a way, Hart has transitioned from a character you love to hate to (arguably) one you hate to love. It’s unclear to everyone exactly what Hart and Gibbs are doing.

Unclear even to Sofer and Mark Harmon. Which is fine by her.

“This is one of the few shows on TV that doesn’t treat its audience like idiots,” the brunette says. “I really don’t know whether it’s a hookup or not, to be perfectly honest. There’s a very ambiguous feeling about the two of them. I love that!”

So does executive producer Shane Brennan, for that matter. “We love ambiguity on NCIS,” he says, noting that Hart will be featured heavily in this May's final episodes.

Any theories on what that means for Gibbs? Do you like her character? How do you see the rest of this season of NCIS playing out? Comment away!

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Like the chemistry between Dina Meyer & Mark Harmon. She should appear more often. Though I liked the chemistry between the Lauren Holly character, I much prefer Holly Snow.


Does anyone know wo the redhead is that drives Gibbs away at the end of several of the episodes? Is it his wife, Pam?


I do not like lawyer Hart. I do not know whether the actress does not move her face because she is one of those who injected Botox into it and paralyzed it, or whether she just is of the school of not-very-good-actors. But her character is as amoral as all the lawyers I know (I worked in a law school for 45 months), and she never indicates her thoughts in her face. I personally do not trust people who conceal everything. Generally, when you find out what they are concealing, you know they are rancid to the bone. So, whether the lack of thought indicated in the face is due to paralysis or due to concealed evil, I don't like her character, nor do I trust her. I would like to see her gone.


I agree with "i". We never saw much of Jenny's body after the diner. what if someone snuck out the body on the way to D.C. and traded it with another person. I mean, it wasn't like it was an open casket. I think that there are many possibilites with a Gibbs romance. But having Jenny back would make things so much better for Boss Man.


I love jenny! there was something about the investigation of jenny's death that was different. 1st, never showed the autopsy! we only saw her body like once!! I think Gibbs is gonna find himself in a serious relationship with one of these new girls, and then jenny will show up out of hiding after all these years (or however long it is) and make everything really awkward... who knows...


I personally don't like all of the women hanging around with Gibbs. I'm sure we'd all like to, but if he's going to be with a woman, it should be just one. Like a steady girlfriend. I'd much more enjoy seeing that that a bunch of ladies throwing themselves at him.


What about Col. Mann ? Other than Jenny I though she was the best fit. She complimented as well as challenged Gibbs. She was smart, she was sexy, and she didn't take any bull. Why did they send her away ?


What about Col. Mann ? Other than Jenny I felt she was one of the best fits. She complemented and chalenged him at the same time.Why did they send her away ?


I think Gibbs and Borin could be interesting, if they brought her back. They're a lot alike. I think there was good chemistry between Gibbs and Holly Snow as well. As for Hart... ew, no thanks! Hart rubs me the wrong way as well, even though I'm familiar with Sofer from several previous roles. I'd far rather see Gibbs remain alone than hooking up with the smug, irritating, somewhat obnoxious Hart. On NCIS romance in general: If there's going to be love in the bullpen, please let it be McAbby!


Ok. It is almost getting humorous to watch Gibbs with the new "flavor of the month." No I won't apologize for the comment. His "almost" kiss with Hart...he looked like he forgot what to do with his lips, it's been so long. Cut the poor man a break! Hasn't he been miserable enough in his life? And all without ever seeing a therapist or taking an anti-depressant. Just give Gibbs a chunk of wood and a piece of sandpaper and it cures all his troubles. Oh...and a bottle of bourbon helps too. The man's life is one big tragedy, masked in work. That's why all his marriages tanked. Fun guy. He told Fornell in the episode after the near-kiss he was a happy guy. Really? I'd hate to see him crabby.

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