NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Fame"

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We're used to seeing the NCIS: Los Angeles team goes undercover, but exploring the shady underworld of the city's nightclub scene is a realm they hadn't explored yet.

Tuesday's episode, "Fame," took us there in a big way.

The mystery begins as a couple’s car is rammed as they overlook a cliff. Safe to say the offending driver didn't do it on purpose - he's bleeding out from gunshot wounds.

After he plunges to his demise, we learn that Navy Lt. Brian Roth was driving a car belonging to a missing socialite, Aubrey Darva. Thus, the quest to find Aubrey begins.

Working undercover on the club scene, the team tracks down Aubrey, who reveals she took Lt. Roth back to her house, and they had sex, but claims he got up and left.

No idea where he was going or why he took her car. A recovering drug addict with a heart of gold, it was hard not to like Aubrey a bit, despite her suspicious connections.

Deeks and the Gang

Callen, Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen) and Kensi go clubbing.

In what began relatively simply but involved into a surprisingly complex plot, Roth’s murder was tied to someone he saw at the house, independent of the break-in crew Aubrey was a part of. NCIS: LA stories have definitely evolved and become more elaborate since last fall.

The episode definitely captured the glitz and glamor of the exclusive scene in a celebrity-obsessed town with the hip, fast-paced tone the NCIS spinoff is known for.

Plus, Daniela Ruah's outfits last night? Comments rendered unnecessary.

A big highlight of the episode came in the form of LAPD liaison Marty Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), who we met in "Hand to Hand" and works great with the team.

Well, most of the team. Sam is having a hard time coming around.

Deeks' second case saw Sam still holding out hope of finding missing Dom, and as a result, taking out his frustrations on the new guy a little more than necessary.

Intriguingly, the LAPD was not as high on Deeks as we were led to believe, and Hetty’s interest in the undercover cop was not strictly for use as an LAPD liaison.

She thinks of him as a potential NCIS agent. But there's one caveat, and it has nothing to do with him. On next week's episode, entitled "Found," guess who is?

While it's unclear if he survives, or the team gets to him in time, we know Agent Vail plays a role next week. It would be interesting for this story line, dropped for so many episodes, were to be brought back, only to end tragically. Talk about a twist.

Do you want him to make it? Or do you prefer Deeks? Could the show keep both? What did you think of last night's episode? Comment below!


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hi whats the second song in the club scene of 'fame'


Great episode, one of the best yet. I loved the different dynamics that Deeks bought to the team, love his relationship with Kensi (or Fern!) already, and you can even see that he and Sam are going to be fine. I really loved the storyline too, because you had no idea where it was going! Definitely thought it was going to be linked to the burglaries, but then it was something completely different. Brilliant episode.


Dom is found!!! YIPPEEE!!! I love Dom, but I do like Deeks too. If the show can not keep both I choose Dom.


Hi sparky313, Hetty only spoke about tea ("Pekin tea", Pekin = Beijing , it's the city's old name). But Hetty spoke about tea just after Callen found the right city. I can't heard his last words, when he reapeted "it was (...?) city". Please, help ! Thanks.


Like Chantal - I could not hear what Hetty said to Callen as to when he was on her radar. Could someone clarify what she said/ Thanks.


I really thought this episode was great! I really Like Deeks... He fits... He and Kensi had chemistry. I liked the fact that Dom was ethnic...but I guess it boils down to if the characters fit. At first i did not like Hetty. Now she is the coolist little old lady on tv. She is funny, intriguing....and just cool. I prefer Deeks to Dom...did not think i would. I think they need a love interest for Sam......he is too tense!


Okay. This episodes was one of the best yet. At first, I wasn't to into the plot, and was sure they were going to reveal Aubrey to be the killer.
However, that twist at the end...where it had nothing to do with the drug robbery thing, was epic. It was like when you watch those videos of baby animals on the internet, and near the end, the screaming zombie pops out at your face. And believe me. I mean that in the best way possible. That was great. Who says you can't do decent plot twists anymore. And yay! Dom's back! I know a lot of people didn't like him, but I thought he was great. The fact that he didn't know what the hell he was doing, was just part of his charm. I mean, let's face it, that's probably how many characters got their start. My production: Either Deeks or Vail gets it. I love them both, but that just seems the most logical thing to do. I mean, if they end that episode with nobody dying, that would just be such a let down. Anyways, can't wait for next week! Yay!


Hi Doug, the first song is by Chelley I took the night if you know the one that plays right after that on eI would really appreciate it I can't find it anywhere.


Hello ! I'm french, and I can't get the city where Hetty found G. on her radar. Can you help me ? I suppose we'll know more on it later...


Does anybody know what song plays in the background when they enter the nightclub

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