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NCIS Preview: "Guilty Pleasure"

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NCIS returns tomorrow evening on CBS with a new episode after a three-week break. Then it takes another three-week break before returning April 27 for some reason.

In any case, the death of a Navy officer leads Vance, Gibbs, Tony and the team into the world of high-priced call girls, relying on D.C. Madam Holly Snow to help them.

That's the same Holly Snow who was introduced in "Jet Lag" earlier this year. It should be interesting to see her working on the same side as the good guys this time.

According to executive producer Shane Brennan, she sends ripples through NCIS when Gibbs enlists her to investigate a murder in the world of professional call girls.

Here's a promo and sneak preview clip from Tuesday's episode, "Guilty Pleasure" ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/guilty-pleasure-preview/" title="Guilty Pleasure Preview"] [/video]

Click to enlarge some photos from tomorrow's NCIS, including Tony doing his best Hugh Hefner impersonation, and click here for our NCIS: Los Angeles preview too:

  • Tony or Hef?
  • NCIS Director Vance
  • Working it with Holly
  • McGee and Holly
  • They're On the Case
  • The Team Investigating

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Im over seeing women like Holly Snow and that Alison Hart person now. I wish they would listen to what the fans are saying. This season was my fave at the beginning and now its going down...


it's gonna be fun!! can't wait to see how ziva is gonna react seeing tony undercover with professional call girls..


I couldn't care less about the subject matter - a lot of the fans hated this woman. SB's on a roll ignoring fan response this season. What a George Lucas.


Show about professional call girls . Yuck! What's happening to my show.

NCIS Quotes

You know what your grandpa used to say? Water never forgets. Anyone with a boat named them will live forever. How about that?

Ann Gibbs

She's a probie. Besides, Tony did a whole lot worse to me.

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