NCIS Round Table: "Guilty Pleasure"

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NCIS took us inside the world of high-priced call girls last night, and many memorable moments (both intense and humorous) followed as Gibbs and Holly Snow teamed up.

Check out our NCIS review for our critic's take on "Guilty Pleasure." Below, three staff members delve deeper into Tuesday's episode in our weekly Round Table Q&A  ...

1. How would you rate last night's episode overall?

The Barnacle: 4.5/5. Good pacing, solid twist with the lawyer. I knew it was too easy for Charlotte to have been the killer but admittely didn't see the real culprit coming.

L.J. Gibbs: 4/5. Solid episode, but the humor was laid on a bit thick at times and a real serial murderer would make for a better ending. Those things kept me from 5/5.

M.L. House: 4/5. I thought it was lame to bring Holly Snow back at first, but she grew on me. DiNozzo was annoying for awhile but he came around by the end as well.


2. Gibbs and Holly Snow: Hot or not?

M.L. House:  Hot, but with just the right undertones, and nuance. It's fun to watch a dance around the attraction, rather than the overt moves you see on most shows.

L.J. Gibbs: Hot. People may object to what the writers are doing to Gibbs but I thought he and Snow had great chemistry, and extremely entertaining in this episode.

The Barnacle: Not quite as hot as Rena Sofer's character. Sorry H.

3. More awkward: Tony as a John, or Abby's reaction to Holly?

L.J. Gibbs: Tough one there. The edge goes to Tony as his job at least entails him being semi-smooth in those situations. Abby? She works in the lab for a reason!

M.L. House: The former. That guy was like a fish out of water and it was great how Holly called him out. For all his bravado, Tony is just a huge, movie-loving nerd.

The Barnacle: Abby. Even she didn't know how she felt about Holly and it showed!

4. Tony and McGee: Annoying or adorable?

L.J. Gibbs: A healthy sampling of both, like siblings, or a married couple ... although Gibbs had a point when he said they can't be married, as they're still speaking.

M.L. House: McGee and Tony banter is always fun to watch, and while last night exposed us to a little more than usual, DiNozzo was borderline sweet in the end.

The Barnacle: Awesomely adorable, especially when Tony defended him to McCadden.

What did you think of the episode? Share your comments with us!

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I agree with Lindsay. First of all using a familiar face for a character really made me suspicious the first time I saw him. As for the show, for me this season really started out strong but it seems to have slowed a bit, I hope they're angling for a big finish this season :)


Thanks Mia. I think next season it's possible. She was liked enough, even by some of the most protective Gibbs fans. I doubt it'll be this season for this finale. I definitely think he'll need a friend, but I think Mexico is a bit far to be helped by this new friend (^^). Don't worry, his team will help and they are his friends, too! Well, she thought that he thought it was for business. And he told her she was free not to tell him, implying he didn't judge her by her reputation and din't necessarily thought she was with a "client". And she was thankful not "having to" explain it. She was a Madam, her trusting Gibbs as a friend was the better mark of respect she could have given. The dinner was part of a deal, if she had kissed him or slept with him, don't you think it could have been a form of corruption of something that was just beautiful? Later, why not, but not just when Gibbs was honoring his part of the deal by inviting her for dinner... :)


Hey Tentie, I enjoyed your comments! So when and how do you think we'll see Holly back? Don't you figure somehow Gibbs might need a
"friend" during what's billed as the Gibbs-centric finale? Also, didn't she start to explain that the phone call wasn't what he thought? Anyway, why do you think she kissed him on the head? What was that supposed to mean or not mean? Actually, I'm not sure why I got so hung up on the Gibbs-Snow chemistry other than I DEFINITELY didn't like Col. Mann or the Rena Sofer attorney for him.


I thought the show was a little over the top at times. The McGee/Tony scenes were forced and the Gibbs and his women stuff this year is tiring me out. Most of the shows seem to revolve around Tony and Gibbs and I like the whole team. Where's Abby and Ziva or Ducky stories. I've had enough of the guilty pleasures, call girl and obsession storylines. They are making our NCIS men out to be soft.


And no I don't think she was back on business, and yes, he was attracted, but because before she was a Madam, never made a move. And right now, he has too much on his minde, but yes, I hope we'll see her again next season. I suspect her phone call was more somebody important to her (a daughter or a son?) and not a "client".


Ah but Mia... she's no more a Madam... ^^ Believe me, he's also my hero Gibbs... but I wouldn't mind seeing her with him... because she respects him. :) (and to be honest also because they had the better chemistry I've seen, all his ex-relationships included (Jen, Hollis, ....)


What did you all think about Gibbs and Holly Snow? I think the chemistry between the two is sizzlin' hot, and I enjoyed watching it on one hand. On the other hand, I cannot quite handle MY HERO GIBBS with a Madam. I'd love the character in almost any other profession.... Did you think the show ended with her back in business? Do you think we'll see her back? Sure Gibbs was attracted, but did you feel he was really interested in her?


I thought the McCadden character was going to hit on Tony. That would have been hilarious.


I am a huge NCIS fan but found the show"just OK". I had liked the personal stuff as in Flesh and Blood but NCIS has gone way overboard with that and there doesn't seem to be a mystery regarding the murderer any longer. I miss my watercooler discussions of the show at work. Seems everybody is missing the old show too. Have also missed seeing Ziva this year.


Enjoyed all the roundtable comments. First of all, I LOVE NCIS, and I'm an extreme Gibbs fan. That said, "Guilty Pleasure" was just OK for me. I like learning more about the characters in small doses, but I also love a good caper. I thought "Guilty Pleasure" was a bit of an overkill on character info; it's a fine line. I enjoyed the Gibbs/Holly Snow stuff a lot--HOT! But the DiNozzo/McGee stuff--down to the sprinkles on the donuts and the coffee puffing was overkill for me. A little banter between the two is fine, but 2/3 of that whole sub storyline should have gone to a meatier caper.

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