Supernatural 100th Episode Sneak Peeks: "Point of No Return"

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A week after Bones aired its 100th episode, Supernatural follows suit on April 15.

The episode, titled "Point of No Return," focuses on Dean, Sam and Castiel trying to stop Zachariah and prevent an all-out war on the planet. Also, a familiar face returns. 

For a larger look at what's ahead, visit our Supernatural spoilers section. Below, meanwhile, we've posted the official CW preview for the episode, followed by a clip from it.

[video url="" title="100th Episode Preview"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Point of No Return Clip"] [/video]

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...supernatural tv fanatic's page it's not very famous as I see, but I have to say, even if no one reads this, that I really enjoyed Casstiel fighting Dean...I love Dean but Casstiel it's getting better every time I see him on the I think I'm loving Cass even more than Dean(and he has been my ideal men for 5 years or so...haha)


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