Supernatural Clip: "Hammer of the Gods"

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Following its much-hyped 100th episode last week, Supernatural keeps rolling along on Thursday night.

It airs an installment titled "Hammer of the Gods" that focuses on an abduction: Sam and Dean are kidnapped by a bunch of gods that hope to use the brothers as a way to prevent the Apocalypse from taking place.

By the conclusion of the episode, Lucifier pops up.

Watch a clip from the hour below:

[video url="" title="Hammer of the Gods Clip"] [/video]

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I bet the archangel Gabriel will come to save the two brothers from the other gods


I think supernatural is well past the point of worrying whether they are casting a deity that is still worshipped. They have cast Lucifer, Michael, angels and the anti christ. Most importantly, they have showed the existence and intervention of the abrahamic God, the most worshipped deity on Earth, worshipped by billions, so if they cast Ganesh, thats not going to be a major problem. :)


I'm guessing that's Lord Ganesh? The Hindu elephant headed deity? I'd heard they cast somebody as him. Also good visual joke, "the elephant in the room." I'm actually wondering how this will go .... Now this is a show that uses the large amounts of Christian religious texts to make a monster of the weeks, but we're used to this since the exorcist, they have used other religions for big bads before, but mostly only their demons (Islam's d'jins) The only gods they cast were European pagan gods that are not worshiped anymore. Lord Ganesh is actively worshiped by MILLIONS, it's like casting Jesus . . . which southpark does, but supernatural hasn't.


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