Ugly Betty Series Finale Review: "Hello Goodbye"

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We had our box of tissues ready for this very last installment of one our favorite shows - Ugly Betty. Like they say, all good things must come to an end, and yes, Betty is in fact history!

Good Bye Halston?

Overall, "Hello Goodbye" did wrap up each of our beloved characters lives in a nice pretty bow, but how bummed were you that there wasn't even a kiss between Daniel and Betty!? They literally waited until the last 40 seconds to show him go to London for her!

At least we can say we were right about that!

But, C'Mon! We wanted MORE! We wanted the dramatically romantic ending where Daniel sweeps Betty off of her feet professing his love to her in front of all her new British friends and giving her a kiss that gives hope to all the ugly Betties of the world that you can get the dream guy. That would have made the show.

Although, we do have to say it was much more of a realistic ending. Especially since Betty would/could not believe that Daniel had feelings for her. It was funny to see her look at Claire with such surprise. Hello Blondie! Get with the program, right?!

We know we should have probably expected it, but we were happily surprised by Connor's return. He really loves Wilhelmina and the spoilers were right - Wilhelmina did have the best ending. She got everything she always longed for - love and being the main editor of Mode. Hopefully, with all the happiness this ending brought her, she will be a nicer boss - we doubt it, but here's to hope!

The one person we feel badly for is Ignacio. The show ended with him all alone in his house. He tells his daughters that he wants them to be happy and to live their lives, but we know that he will be quite lonely. It had to be a difficult choice Hilda made about moving. On one end you don't want to leave your father that raised and let you take shelter at his home for so long, but on the other end, it was time for Hilda to start her own family with Justin and Bobby. When you are a parent, it must be the most difficult thing to let your children spread their wings and fly away. Hopefully, Ignacio will be okay!

Hug it Out Biaches!

Both Amanda and Marc ended finding the love that they always craved - Amanda being the love of a father and Marc allowing himself to actually romantically care for someone. These two really brought tears of happiness to our eyes!

What happened with Tyler? We know he was a rather new character to the show, but he still was Claire's son - who shot Wilhelmina! There was no resolution between him and Claire. We think that was another loose end the writers decided to leave out that needed to be resolved. What do you think?

All in all we will severely miss Ugly Betty. Perhaps one day they will make a special about Betty in London or something. We hate that after all these years of waiting to see Daniel and Betty get together - all we get is a conversation about dinner!

What did you think of the series finale? Did it live up to everything you hoped it to be? Were you happy with how Daniel and Betty semi got together? Leave your comments below!

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Wilhelmina: I never thought I'd say this, but you have big balls Betty Suarez.
Betty: That is the nicest thing you said to me. | permalink
Wilhelmina: Go ahead and unclench everything. We are good. Well as good as we can be.
Claire: Really?
Wilhelmina: Yes really Claire. | permalink
Daniel: Me first Betty, I can't live without you. | permalink
Betty: Hey, if you want something to do, I am looking for a new assistant.
Daniel: Well, maybe I will submit my resume. | permalink
Wilhelmina: Well I guess you know me better than I know myself. Now flap those bat wings of yours and get out. | permalink
Amanda: We are a food free household, and you need to loose a little weight, so this is really a win - win. | permalink
Wilhelmina: I've spent my entire life fighting for a magazine when I should have been fighting for you. | permalink
Justin: B, how could you move to London, won't you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?
Betty: No, not really. | permalink


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The movie is the nest step!!!! The Detty ending is what I've been looking forward since the beginning. The Movie would be perfect for that. Don't let us down. Betty and Daniel4ever


hmmm i been reading the comments and Matt come back mehhh i got over him for the show after he left so over him! Daniel and Betty kinda interesting, different but romantic i guess i mean it fits into her New persona i guess. but yeah i kinda wouldnt minda movie about the way they left things might be kinda cool..


I certainly hope there is a movie to tie up loose ends....Betty and Daniel...


I love the evolution of Betty. This show was so different from the other BS on tv and I hate to see to show go so soon. I think it was a hastey decision to cancel series; I mean if rating were low they should have made some changes to boost ratings not cancel when there are still so many fans!


I liked the ending, although I didn't get the Whilemina/Conner ending, I mean if she could get his sentence reduced why didn't she do it sooner? As for Daniel I thought it made sense that he went after Betty because of what he said about having everything handed to him including women who all fall in love with him, so why shouldn't he be the one chasing after Betty? Now he's the one who has to work for her affection and sweep her off her feet and she seemed open to giving the relationship a try. They leave it open ended from what he said at the end that he is going to stay in London to see what he can find.


Will i wanted them to kiss at least but i like they way it ended . now she knows how Daniel feels about her and i like how he's staying in London he can be close to her. I hope they do make a movie and we can see Daniel and Betty actually kiss.


One more thing - I don't think we need to feel sad for Ignacio because all parents have to let their children go some time and Betty and Hilda are definitely old enough to look after themselves. Plus Ignacio still has a girl friend, right? I just don't think we need to feel especially sad for him because I think he'll be okay, but speaking as someone who is close to her mom and in her first year of college (so I don't see my mom a lot) it's hard to be away from people that you love so much, but the nice thing is that it gets easier with time. Btw those last scenes with Betty at her new job - so cool, I thought, "Look at you Betty, you have arrived!"


I am so glad they had time to do a last show and we could see how everyone comes together. I love this last epsiode, I cried. I am going to miss watching this show !!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope there is a follow-up movie.


Well, i wanted them to kiss, but at least they left things in the air, with Daniel hanging around, maybe they will start a relationship. Too bad that we will not see.


Personally, I thought that the way they ended the show was just right. I'd had my suspicions about Daniel and Betty as well, but I think that it would have been a little too easy to have them get together all of a sudden, if they were going to do that then they would've needed to establish Daniel's feelings for Betty sooner. I agree with you Amber, people would've either loved that they got together or hated it because not everyone was rooting for them. I had sort of wanted Matt to come back only because that relationship felt sooo unfinished, but I don't think there'd be any point in them getting together yet again - that relationship is just too much work and Matt never seems to know exactly what he wants, nor does he stay anywhere long enough to find out. One of my favorite moments was between Marc and Betty because I just think they are so adorable in their scenes together. I think considering that they probably could've gotten at least one more season out of this show, they managed to wrap things up pretty well. As for another series for Betty in London - I love the old characters too much and they wouldn't be with Betty in London. A movie if anything would probably work better provided that they stick to the way the show currently is and Betty would have to be back in NYC for the summer or something (just my personal opinion), but honestly I don't think a "spinoff" (I put that in quotes because the show already centered around Betty) or a movie is necessary as much as I don't want it to be over.

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Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Justin: B, how could you move to London, won't you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?
Betty: No, not really.

Amanda, you said you got a permit for this - right?