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Halston, Amanda’s dog is dead and it was her only link to her mother. 

During the Suarez family dinner, Hilda and Bobby inform Betty that they are looking to move, but have yet to inform Ignacio about it because he is so upset Betty is moving to London. Betty dashes out to go meet up with Daniel - and she still has not told him she is taking the job in London. 

Betty meets up with Daniel and they go over the best picture for their 100th magazine. She doesn’t have the heart to tell him that she took the job in London.

The next morning on Betty’s way in Marc accidentally ends up hearing that she is taking the job and mass texts everyone that she is taking it.

Betty thinks that he will overreact, but Daniel takes it as no big deal and promises to sign her papers releasing her from her contract to Mode.

Wilhelmina has been in a coma for days and finally wakes up when Connor comes to visit her. He tells her that he can’t spend another second of his life without her. Wilhelmina tells him that the coma really put things in perspective.

Claire goes to visit Wilhelmina and offers her a hefty sum to say that Tyler had nothing to do with the shooting. Wilhelmina rips up the check and tells her to get out.  At first, Wilhelmina had a change of heart, but after Claire’s visit she realizes that she wants to dominate the Mode empire.

Later that day, Marc tells Wilhelmina that she will never be happy - even with all her scheming.  When Willy returns to Mode she has a press junction about the shooting. She tells everyone that it was her own fault – she was cleaning the gun and it went off.

Betty is walking into the office and watches Daniel burn up her contract.  Daniel tells Betty that he isn’t sure whether he wants to release her from her contract.

Betty and Daniel both realize that they have feelings (Betty’s happens to be anger ) for each other. Daniel confronts Betty first and tells her he can live without her.  He offers her a better position and a huge bump in her salary.

Betty asks her family for help deciding what she should do.  Hilda is mad because she doesn’t feel it is right that they both their father, yet she really wants to move and start her own life with Justin and Bobby.

Betty decides to leave even though everything is stacked against her. When she gets Daniel to sign the contract, he has nothing to say, but that he is late for a meeting.

Betty gets to her going away party at Mode and everyone is having a great time. She spots Claire who tells her that Daniel may not show up. She enlightens Betty on her theory why he is not coming.  Betty refuses to believe this.

Betty goes outside and runs into Wilhelmina who tells her that get was surprised she had to hear about Betty leaving in a mass email. She tells Betty that she has big balls.

Amanda gets to talk to her father and she finds out that he actually came searching for her and that is why he hired her as his stylist.

Betty, Marc, and Amanda are dancing and having a good time when Daniel walks in. He is heartbroken and realizes that he must let Betty leave.

Daniel goes through the upcoming magazine and has an idea. He brings it to Wilhelmina and shows her that he is resigning - she will now be soul editor. Wilhelmina asks him what he is going to do and Daniel tells her that he will start over.

At the Suarez house, they are having a family barbeque and Ignacio tells them that he wants them to go live their lives happily.

Wilhelmina tells Marc that she will be doing a bit of house keeping to trim the fat. But before he gets a raise, she needs him to help her with one thing.  She gets Connor’s inmate changed so that he can get information and make a plea bargain. Looks like Connor and Willy will have their happily ever after after all.

Betty says good-bye to her family outside her house.  When she gets to London it is a bright new day.  On an unexpected day, she runs into Daniel on the streets.  He fills her in with his choice of leaving Mode.  He tells her that he is going to stay around London for a bit and take her to dinner.

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OMG!! I love this show so much i'm so sad that they arent doing the show anymore :(


OMG!! I love this show so much i'm so sad that they arent doing the show enymore :(


i think betty should be with matt
daniel with amanda
but first i think daniel and betty should be together, have sex
and after they break up and betty gets with matt later betty gets pregnant with daniel 's child
and maybe christina's back ?
i have a question by the way :i dont understand a thing about tyler!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what did he do to wilhelmina? and some people say he's a alcoholic , is that true?


i'm with the retards-who is danile?!


They Should Make more season Of Ugly Betty Betty and danile should date their are good for eachother. They rely should. They should get married. that will be for the best. They should Have Sex and get Naked in bed togethert. They are the best cut and hot cuple. I Can't Want until They make more season's. I would be happy for them. they will be the best boy she ever made. That is so true. I hope they make more season. Ugly betty is the show in the would. Please keep makeing the show and the season. That will be alsome. I can't want until the show will be on T.V. That will be so great. I am the Biges fan of your show. So please make it. Thank's So munch. you are the best in the Would. Thank's you are the best.


I don't know how to express my feelings
I'm chinese fans
I love Ugly Betty(Maybe my English is bad~)
I really hope we can see another new season
Of course ,it's all of UB's fans Hopeness~~
In China have a lot of fans!
I love it!


i love ugly betty so much and it feels sad not to expect one more season..


I think its quite corny, but Ugly Betty did really inspire me, keep myself always positive thinking. I will really miss all characters in Ugly Betty, betty, marc, daniel, wilhelmina, hilda, amanda.......I hope one day, there is a special espisode of betty in london or something.


i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee that no more seasons are coming up


it doesn't matter if betty will be with daniel, what i care about is that after watching such determined girl strike for her own dream, it is encouraging

Ugly Betty Season 4 Episode 20 Quotes

Justin: B, how could you move to London, won't you miss all the kidnapping, shooting, and murder at Mode?
Betty: No, not really.

Amanda, you said you got a permit for this - right?