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With 90210's second season finale coming up next week, this week's installment was tasked with setting up some serious drama to unfold next week.  So did "Javianna" do what it set out to do?  We'll go over each story line and give on our opinion:

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Naomi's "Breakdown"
Well despite being hyped as a breakdown in previews, Naomi just kind of got annoyed over Jen's budgeting of her money.  The only real result from this storyline?  Jen's pregnant.  Wow.  We would have much preferred if it was a main character, but hopefully Ryan is at least the baby daddy and a source of drama next week. 

Navid / Adrianna / Javier Pop-Love Triangle
No offense, Navid, but we have no idea why Adrianna is going to choose you over Javier.  That guy pretty much has it all.  Yet for some reason, we all know Ade and Navid are going to end up together, so we can't help but not really care going into the season finale.

All of Dixon's gambling problems led to some marriage tension between Harry and Deb as he attempted to keep it a secret from her until this week.  Big deal.  No one cares about the old people.  So let's focus on Dixon and Ivy's fight over Dixon joining her in Australia.  The fight?  Legit.  Was it exciting?  No.  But did it lead to the best drama of the hour as Sixon kissed in the broom closet?  Oh hells yeah.  Finally something we're looking forward to next week.

Annie and Her Stalker
Jasper decided to make an annoying return this week, but finally it all feels like it was for something.  While Annie and Liam were working on a paper, he pulled up the confession she wrote weeks ago.  While he may not have seen the whole thing, he definitely got to see her flip out.  With the season finale coming up next week, clearly this is going to be one of the strongest storylines.

Overall, we were a little disappointed how little drama has been set up next week, but we've heard such good things about the finale, we're still excited.  Most 90210 spoilers seems to indicate the finale all belongs to Naomi, so we're even more curious given the developments of this episode.

We can't help but feel like this week was mostly just filler.  What did you guys think?  Sound off in the comments below after our favorite 90210 quotes from the episode:

Jen: You're on a diet consisting of low denominational greens. That's fives and tens, sister. | permalink
Silver: The only time I ever done it, I was going through a manic phase, so I feel like I'm a virgin again. | permalink
Naomi: Oh my god. Stop kissing or I'm gonna take a picture and send it to Perez. | permalink


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dixon and silver were looking like they were on crack rather than drunk


Adrianna and Navid are made for each other! Navid is way better that Javier... in looks and in character!!! Silver and Teddy look cute together... I like Teddy much better than Dixon anyway! Annie and Liam...that was a twist! But kind of a nice twist...!! :D they look very cute together...Liam is totally awesome!


heyyyyyyyy dixon is not a manwhore


'I hate Dixon hes the worst chrcter such a manwhore kill him off!' LOL...Dixon a manwhore? are we serious w/ this? A trouble maker yes, but it's not like he's been banging every girl in West Bev. so far his notches are Silver and a DJ who smiled way too much for her own good.


I love Annie and Liam together. Annie as a separate character is annoying. Her brooding is overacted by Shenae, but I think with Liam she seems to work. Furthermore, it's the good-girl-gone-crazy with bad-boy-who-beats-jerks combo that has me dying to see this couple in action together. Plus, it would serve Naomi one for putting Annie through hell when her own sister betrayed her, not her friend.


this episode was verging on boring, the only interesting character was ivy, and i was glad to see jasper being shown as a good guy, even though he's gonna flip next week
they didnt build the drama, they didnt introduce cannon again,and if he is going to rape naomi, mthey definetely they should have , but i cant wait to see it unfold next season, since she falsely accused him already, no one is going to believe her. annie didnt kill the homeless guy???that development is gonna be sh*t, she's gonna go back to being an annoying brat.BORING


Adrianna is just caught up in her own world, dnt care about her storyline tbh. the episode was so predictable, i knew wen Navid was waiting with flowers Jaiver would do something bigger. what i was really dissapointed by was Dixon and silver making out and Ivy not catching them, that would have been awesome! Ivy vs Silver, wouldent have seen that coming. im pretty sure Jasper framed Annie i thought that from the start of the season. I hate Dixon hes the worst chrcter such a manwhore kill him off!


I think that Adrianna loves the lifestyle more than she loves Javier himself.


Exactly. Navid has stepped up for Ade when no else has stepped up for her. It's Javier who is the second banana.


I'm so sick of hearing everyone claim that Navid can't compete with Javier. Navid paid for her rehab and stood by her while she was pregnant with someone else's child. Most importantly, Navid was basically the first guy who didn't treat her like a sex object. Adrianna's clearly only with Javier because she's not convinced that Navid's still in love with her. Once she finds out that he is, she'll probably be psyched and drop Javier in a microsecond. Even Silver and Naomi can tell that her heart still belongs to Navid.

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You're on a diet consisting of low denominational greens. That's fives and tens, sister.


The only time I ever done it, I was going through a manic phase, so I feel like I'm a virgin again.