90210 Season Finale Photos: How Will It End?

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On next week's 90210 season finale, fans will witness...

  • A pregnancy revelation
  • The end of a marriage
  • An explosion
  • An admission

Who will say and do what? Tune in, find out and talk about these spoilers in our 90210 forum.

Also, get an early look at the episode "Confessions" below, via a slew of photos from it:

Seeking Comfort
Pic of Naomi
Javier on Stage
Second Season Finale Scene
Welcome Aboard
Boat Ride
Fun Boat Ride

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LANNIE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GO DIE NAOMI AND LIAM


90210 is actually telling a story about teenagers problems these days...so the creator is showing us how to solve it...like backstabbing,cheating and all kind of stuffs....


i think naomi and liam must together!!!


go lannie!!!!


i LOVE naomi and liam! But on "Meet the parent" Liam had problems and wanted to talk to naomi and she just kept ignoring him, so he turned to annie.


I agree with Lannie Fan's they're so cute together and Liam is better with annie than Naomie. And Annie deserves a good boy after Jasper.


good bye, 90210. i won't watch you for the next season. this LANNIE things are totally gross! the storyline is so fuckin' lame! makes 90210 the lamest tv show!


I have a feeling no one will believe Naomi about the teacher. In the promo it looks like Silver saw him kissing Naomi and her pushing him away. But Naomi is in the red dress (all the girls go to an event in red, we've seen the pics) but in that scene Silver is wearing green which makes me think she is not seeing Naomi, it's a different time.


So lame...Lannie sucks!!!!!!!! Barf!!! I mean another Naomi/Annie triangle. These writers are so unoriginal.


@Aiofe Oh now THAT would be worth watching the next season if Liam is the babydaddy!!!!!



How's your nerd?

Austin [to Naomi]

I'm gonna kill Dixon.