Boat Ride
It's time to confess, Annie. The secrets come pouring out on the 5/18/10 episode of 90210, as Liam and Annie go for a boat ride together.

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These two don't have much chemistry. It might be due to her extremely poor acting skills though. In any case, I hope they do not get together bc Naomi will need him after what happened in the season finale.


ahhhhh i love annie and liam too i hope they tell each other that they like each other cuz the feelings are shown and noami isnt good anough for liam cuz she is faker and liar and she never listens lol :)


yeah i hope so!! she would need to talk to somebody! its so clear, they really like each other! i think liam see a lot of things in Annie that naomi dosent have.


Is she going to trust him enough to tell him!?!?!

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90210 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


Jen is hardly human. Who would have thought she could reproduce?