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Seeking Comfort
Don't cry, Annie. Liam comforts this character on the second season finale of 90210.

Rating: 4.6 / 5.0 (50 Votes)

its ausum....i mean dey r soo cute togther.....plz dont part dem away.......


please bring liam to naomi!


LOVE IT !! gosh they're so cute....


Love it
they're the only reason I watch the show!
And stop say that Annie steals Naomi's boyfriends
1 because it is not true, they fall in love with her
2 also Annie has been through a lot, not just Naomi.


I love annie and Liam - their the only reason i watch the show lol
but i'm liking silver and when naomi's not being a super bi-atch sometimes her too. I hope liam and annie can still be friends if something does develop between them. liam/naomi was such a good couple and i loved jasper before he turned out to be a psycho! bring on Lannie this season - kind of wish annie/naomi could work out their issues and become friends - but if lannie hook up that might take some time!


I love annie and liam way better,annie was annoying with jasper, she doesnt deserve him. Liam seems more caring. Naomi is annoying, selfish n concieted. Team Lannie:]]


i dont like them together... because annie looks like liam's little sister... he looks better with naomi as a partner.. LOL


HATE IT!!!!! UGHHH >-:


i like liam and annie together!


no no no !
poor Naomi first Ethan now Liam?
okay she can be heartless sometimes ,, but she doesn't deserve what is happening to her

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90210 Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

I don't need to play second fiddle to another girl anymore. I've gone on that ride and I'm done.


Jen is hardly human. Who would have thought she could reproduce?