Allison Mack Only to Recur on Smallville

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While Smallville has been renewed for a 10th season, that good news was quickly tempered by this sobering reality: it will also serve as the show's final season.

Similarly, there's good news and bad news regarding Allison Mack: the actress will NOT return as a series regular, but she will still appear occasionally on the series that made her famous.

Said the actress, in a statement to Entertainment Weekly:

“It’s amazing to think that Chloe Sullivan and I have been one in the same for over a third of my life. I’m truly humbled by the love and loyalty of all the fans whose enthusiasm has carried me - along with a cast and crew which has become my second family - over the past 9 and a half years. Out of respect for the amazingly loyal fans and the place I will always have in my own heart for Chloe, I’m coming back for several episodes next season to tie up Chloe’s Smallville legacy properly."

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She concluded:

“It’s been a life-changing ride and I look forward to what lies ahead with the strength of a ‘superhero’ as my foundation.”

A classy statement, no doubt. Will you miss Chloe as a regular character on Smallville?

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