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Bobby Sells Soul, French Kisses Crowley: Supernatural Sneak Peek

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World's gonna end, seems silly to get all precious over one little soul.

That's what Bobby says to Sam and Dean on this Thursday's new episode of Supernatural.

What is the context for this revelation? The character, who fans fear might die on the season finale, makes a dangerous deal with Crowley in exchange for information on Death.

Watch what goes down in the following clip from "Two Minutes to Midnight."

[video url="" title="Two Minutes to Midnight Clip"] [/video]

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this scene was so hilarious! xD


LOL This is exactly why I love this show


what the hell!!!!!
soooooo funny
I mean the photo it's like WTF but it was a funny moment
sam asking...did you kiss him?
and cass is there
big big YAY

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