Bones Spoilers for Season Six: Big Changes, Time Jump Ahead!

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Last month, the Bones cast said major changes were ahead on the show's fifth season finale.

They were't kidding. (Warning: stop reading right now if "The Beginning in the End" is sitting unwatched on your DVR...)

On this week's shocking episode, Brennan left for a year-long research project in the Maluku Islands; Booth headed off to Afghanistan; Angela and Hodgins jetted to Paris. The whole gang split up - and while we'll be seeing them again in September, producer Stephan Nathan says some major time will have gone by in their lives.

“The start of the season will have Booth and Brennan meeting [12 months later] at the coffee cart, and the series will start again... though on very different footing,” he told “There will be big changes.”

Choices, Choices

Such as (gulp!) new relationships for Booth and/or Brennan? These two will meet up again, but "perhaps not alone," Nathan teased. He added:

“There’s a potential for a new recurring character or two next season.”

After multiple seasons, the producer said: “Our intention was to really shake things up, so that we don’t just come back with the same dynamic.”

Mission very much accomplished! What did you think of these developments? Are you worried about the show? Or, to cite one of last night's Bones quotes, are you taking the attitude "here's to change?"

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I would really love to see Bones and Booth finally realize the relationship they have and go with it. I am tired of waiting to see if they will hook up. I'm so glad that the season didn't end! Maybe when the season finally ends we will end with a wedding with booth and brennen??


Would it not be awesome if when they come back togeher on season 6, booth has a serious relationship with an army doctor he met in afghanistan. Someone assured of herself, who could stand up to bones. And that person would just happen to be... Sarah Michelle Gellar. Do not get me wrong, I would love to see booth and bones get together, but I really want Angel and Buffy to reunite. Just one last time. Producers, are you reading this? Hint, hint.


First of all I do like the show, But How long do you expect this on again off again romance (kind of anyway) go on ? I do like the show, but I'm getting tired of waiting for something to happen and stick. Hope it won't take the show to be cancelled for fans to finally see it happen


i love this show! i cant wait for the next season. The final episode this season killed me... Whats going to happen??? I wish those two would get together, or something. What ever happened to the baby idea? bones couldnt have just decided to give up. Im not too sure about the little hint about "not being alone" when they meet up. thats not them! UGH! i have to wait all summer- NO!!!!


let them get together!!!!Get married!!!Have a kid!!!Together they will make good parents!! Time for all of them to settle down and have kids and hae new adventures personally and still have the murder each week.


I hope Booth and Bones get together as soon as they get back realizing what they had with each other. Booth is the only one who can "complete" and "bring out the best" in Bones. Absence does makes the heart grow fonder. I wish Bones would bring back Zack with her. I really miss him. I hope Angela and Hodges are expecting - twins!!I hope Cam has a new love interest and is going to be a grand parent and Sweets has a new girlfriend - a cop. When he show does end - maybe Booth and Bones could be the next Hart to Hart. Those two loved each other alot just like they do. I just don't want those two wonderful people (characters) to pass a chance a of a life time and always wonderful "what if?"


I loved the season finale! You know, they 'secretly' said I love you to one another. Brennan said to Hodgins, "I love you," because (and I quote):
"Booth informed me that the proffering of overly solicitous advice is indicative of love."
What did they do? Booth told her to be careful in the Indonesian jungle. Brennan told Booth to not be a hero, not be him. And then they held hands! (squeals)
Oh gosh, if they DON'T get together in season 6... grr... Hart, it's not going to be like ML. I'm a Demily shipper along with B&B and David and Emily are so at ease with each other! PLEASE PUT THEM TOGETHER!


I think it is a great show because the people who do it really know all to get go twist to change the story. I, like everybody else, would have love to see Bones and Booth kissing but i think that this ending is bette because the changes that they will be in next season are gonna be very big. SO LONG LIFE TO BONES AND FOR EVERYBODY WHO SAYS THE DON'T LIKE THIS SHOW ANYMORE BECAUSE OF THE ENDING, SHAME ON YOU. BONES FOREVER :)


It just kills me when people say they won't watch the show again. Kills me with laughter. Because it is highly unlikely. What people really need to stop doing is reading spoilers. That is really what gets you all upset. You are not just watching and going along for the ride, just reading some one liners and getting all pissed. Just watch the show. Or keep wasting your time reading your spoilers until a good one comes along and you can come back and watch the show (and also watch all the previous episodes you missed due to your wha-wha attitude). In the end, you will end up watching every episode of Bones at some point. prediction is in the end it will be Team Hanson 1 / Whiner fans 0.


I, personally, love the finale. I thought it was a great twist and wonderful way to "shake" things up. I want to see Booth and Brennan together but only when it is completely right. I want both of them to be complete people. Both of them have big holes in themselves right now. I think that both of their new "adventures" may help them fill those holes. Can't wait to see season premiere in September!!

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