Brothers & Sisters Spoilers: Time Jump Ahead!

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It's a technique numerous other shows have used to press the reset button a bit - the time warp. Same characters, years in the future, with gaps to be filled in later.

Brothers & Sisters won't be making an extreme warp, but the series will move forward 12 months between the May 16 season finale and the Season Five premiere.

Executive producer David Marshall Grant reveals to EW why they're doing it - or most likely doing it, in any case. Excerpts from the show-runner's interview below:

Q: What are the advantages to leaping forward?

Grant: We all know that Rob Lowe is leaving ... [so Kitty] is going to be single next season. It’s going to be more of a nod to where we were in the first season with her dating.

When you add the possibility of jumping a year, it could be really good ... at this point the odds are strong that we will do [a jump] or something like that to shake us up.

Kitty and Robert Pic

Q: Now that it’s been done on Desperate Housewives, Battlestar Galactica, and Lost, it feels like it’s becoming a bit of a gimmick. Is that a concern?

Grant: That’s a problem with TV in general in the sense that it’s very hard to come up with something new. So much has been done over the years - and done well.

You always battle that “it’s been done before” notion. If it’s executed in a way that creates new and exciting stories, it becomes worth it and people forget it was done before.

Q: With Gilles Marini returning as a series regular in the fall, is it safe to say Sarah would be more settled in her relationship with Luc after the jump?

Grant: Yes. We’ll be exploring Kitty as a single woman and Sarah and Luc as a couple.

Is the Brothers & Sisters time jump a good idea to transition characters coming, going and evolving, or just a stunt? Share your thoughts!

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When will season 5 show in the UK please (the season that jumps ahead one year).


Uhm, THe last I heard Rob Lowe wanted to be killed off in the show. He wanted a memorable departure from the show. He was not given the opportunity when he left Weas Wing years ago, so he jumped at the chance to do it for B & S. At least we know Kitty will win for sure thanks to a little thing called the sympathy vote, nothing wins a campaign like losing your spouse. Personally I'm looking forward to the jump, do you really want to see how to start-up a water company, and the grieving process for the walker family (we've seen it once before with William's death). A one year jump will be healthy for story line and progression of the show. I'm just glad it's not a 5 year jump, this way they don't have to fire the kids and hire replacements. Bring it On ABC... I'm ready.




Now we all know he is dying. Terrific. Wish they could have kept him alive so if he wanted to come back he could have. I loved his story line with tennis and actually being in with the family.


The time jump is ok, I think it will equally bring out a good story line which will be enjoyable, as it has always been. It just breaks my heart to see Rob (Robert) leave the show, him and Kitty made such a great couple and one of my reasons for watching the show. Hey, I have even listed it as my favorite tv show on my facebook! I hope the person who will be found for Kitty will bring out the sparks like Rob did. I also wish Rob the best, he did brighten up our days on tv!!


I like the idea of jumping ahead. That way as mentioned new gaps will be created and explored.
The show has some constant plot lines that are getting boring and tiring. So, it would def be great to completely change the major plot lines.
I am sad though that Rob's leaving. I much rather Kitty and Robert as a couple to follow up than Sarah and Luc. I think Kitty and Rob are perfect together because they really get each other, not only when it comes to love but specially when it comes to work. Sarah and Luc will never get each other in the same way as Sarah has this strange opinion about Luc due to his life and job.
I jusy really hope they can find someone great for Kitty.

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