Castle Season Finale Review: "A Deadly Game"

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This week's episode, "A Deadly Game," ended a tremendous second season for Castle.

Allow me to start by saying what amazing writing staff Castle possesses. I have become a huge fan of Andrew W. Marlowe, who created the show and is the main writer.

As with all Castle episodes, there were several layers of things going on during this hour:

  • The spy who is not really a spy but is really dead.
  • Alexis growing up and going away for a summer program.
  • Castle struggling with his feelings for Beckett and trying to deal with her dating Demming.

All of it was woven together masterfully and kept you guessing as to who really committed the murder.

Monet Mazur on Castle

The relationship between Castle and Beckett reminds me of the early years of Moonlighting, when Maddie and David had sexual tension to play off of. Many people believe that them getting together is what killed that show.

I disagree; I think it was the overall writing (not just their relationship) of Moonlighting at the end was to blame for its demise. I believe the writers were so dependent on the sexual tension, that when it was gone they were not sure what to do and the stories got really bland.

Writers on Castle have avoided the same issue so far by not having Castle and Beckett get serious. While I agree this works for a season or two, it really is the easy way of dealing with the issue. If you are writing a show (like Moonlighting) and a big portion of it is built on the sexual tension between the lead characters, the series has to adapt and change when you decided to release that tension.

Castle does not depend as much on that tension and I think it could easily adapt as other shows have. For example, look at the show The Big Bang Theory. Penny and Leonard were able to get together and the show adapted to it and the ratings only went up this season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy to have the tension between Beckett and Castle (for now). However, I am sad that Demming got dumped and won’t be around.

Michael Trucco is an awesome actor and I loved his portrayal of the character (maybe we could get a spinoff with Detective Demming as lead). Since he is leaving, it would be nice to see Castle and Beckett take small steps forward next year.

What do you think? Should Becket have stuck with Demming, who she clearly had no trouble being close to? Or is this a case of “the heart wants what the heart wants” and she should step up and tell Castle how she really feels? Do you think that the writers should continue to keep them on the brink for a long time?

I am curious about what you all think. Comment below and share your thoughts on the episode, Castle and Beckett, or the show as a whole.


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I highlighted this on my blog when I was just getting into Castle. The ending is just sooo sad. Awesome combination of a great song and what is happening. Beckett had it coming though. Lies to Castle about , he then finds out she is going to have a dirty weekend with Deming ( no chemistry here at all). He can only assume their relationship is getting more intense surely. HOWEVER why on earth would Castle get back with his second ex-wife. After all we can still remember what he said about that marriage to Special Agent Shaw!


sorry a bit late watching this "a deadly game". my opinion is the writer is really smart to put about castle and becket relationships in every conversation between the main casts and their case supects, i forgot to quote the lines, but sometimes whn becket ask the suspect, some of their answer kind hit becket directly, she sometimes pause and think. and its closing whn they throw a goodbye party for castle, becket enter the room and ask for time with castle, i think she wants to go with castle to Hamptons for summer vacation, but i hate the way becket tells with soo much herd lines i dunno maybe with her ego cuz she said its hard for her to describe bout her behaviour so far and at the end perhaps she almost to tell that yes she want to go with him since she dumped Demming and she finally realize "what she wants", but its too late, maybe becuz castle pretty upset or sad and then he ask his ex-wife to join him to finish the book. "see u in falls then..." with tears. Some viewer maybe hated becket for break castle's heart, but in other hands castle also break becket heart so many times, especially whn he faces with beautifull woman, maybe she had other thoughts why she so eager to ask castle to have realtionship with her, and castle too. its like they both just sit with distance and look at each others...silently... Thank you for the writer to hold their relationship for long, cuz i want to see castle have more and more series. let their funny act and their heart tickling each other for the ultimate love that their will deserve at the end...Suspense, thriller, and romance is the story of their love life...


I understand that they needed to play it out that way for the d of the season show but I would have liked to see a bit more (drawn out a few episodes before) with Castle realizing that she was dating someone... he found out about her dating that other guy too late...that alone would have added a level to the story for a few episodes--him wanting her, feeling hurt when the other guy brings her coffee or lunch, he can't write b/c he's so sad, THEN the finale the way it went down.


THAT EPISODE BROKE MY FREAKIN' HEART! I can't even remember the last time an episode broke my heart like's so DAMMIT sad when he didn't bring her coffee, she was so upset!..I don't know why they never hug each other, i mean it is just more embarrassing for both of them when they shake hands and I also love how everyone at work seem to be Caskett shippers, but it made me even sadder when they all saw Castle walking off with Gina :( I know the writers must do these sort of things to keep the tension alive but I just wish they could get it together)i just feel so sad for kate...God..i hate his ex-wife...M dying to see Season 3...September is just so far away...can't they air it soon???


Anybody know when the new season starts? I loved the end of the second, and can not wait for Kate and Castle to return to meet face to face!


I thought the ex-wife thing was some kind of deus ex machina buzz kill and didn't care for it ... but even as a fan of the show, I don't care if Castle and Beckett ever get together romantically. One thing I think the writers have done a great job with is identifying the differences in their lifestyles to where Beckett in Castle's world is like her going to a circus or carnival (it's lots of fun but it's not home). In fact, one of the nice ideas for the show is that Beckett is played as a character almost robotic in the amount of her life her work entails (and her off-duty enjoyment comes mostly from the books of a certain author). Maybe that gives her some pause; but it doesn't mean a romance necessarily (with Castle, anyway, as it might get her thinking about her life and work and when someone like Demming comes along ...). On the other hand, the question raised of what is Castle still doing hanging around -- certainly not to see her with another guy -- is pretty valid character point to consider.


Yall don't understand the way the writers write it wouldn't be much of a show if they just got together right off the bat. They wait it makes watching the show even more fun take the nanny for instance they waited until the last season to get them together and i bet quite a few of those people only watched to see when they would end up together. So its the same thing with castle its bright and shiny all new and everything so it will be a while till castle and beckett get together. As long as the show keeps being as good as it is if not they will get together soon.


This episode was fantastic.
I don't know why people are hating on Kate in the above comments about being mean to Castle. Thats always been her character but she's very sweet and caring and we all know that. I happened to watch this episode at 4am .. so at the very end when Kate watches Castle and the exy walk away i cried with her. I agree that for some reason he isn't doing anything relationship wise with castle and exy and theres some bit of the story we don't know, like a fiance. Castle remains on the top of my list with the amazing story lines and intense tension between kate and castle. I love them, and i hope they don't get together too soon because it would ruin the show if it happened too early. Slightly moving forward next season would be a great idea for the writers. I felt so bad for kate, and so bad for castle. This is just Bones alllll over again. I'll be praying for both these shows next season to work on moving forward with relationships.
I do NOT want to wait until September for the new episodes of these shows.. -Riley Ford


Just had another thought, perhaps the reason for Castle being so friendly to his ex wife, Gina was that he didn't have to fear her anymore. By that I mean, may have told him that she was getting married again, and the fiance was also going to the Hamptons with them.


I have a sneaky suspicion that Castle will not/did not go to the Hamptons. Being a Aussie, we haven't seen episodes 23 and 24 yet, so currently bringing myself up to date on all the Castle web pages. I will give a more long winded version once I have seen the episodes.

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