Castle Season Finale Review: "A Deadly Game"

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This week's episode, "A Deadly Game," ended a tremendous second season for Castle.

Allow me to start by saying what amazing writing staff Castle possesses. I have become a huge fan of Andrew W. Marlowe, who created the show and is the main writer.

As with all Castle episodes, there were several layers of things going on during this hour:

  • The spy who is not really a spy but is really dead.
  • Alexis growing up and going away for a summer program.
  • Castle struggling with his feelings for Beckett and trying to deal with her dating Demming.

All of it was woven together masterfully and kept you guessing as to who really committed the murder.

Monet Mazur on Castle

The relationship between Castle and Beckett reminds me of the early years of Moonlighting, when Maddie and David had sexual tension to play off of. Many people believe that them getting together is what killed that show.

I disagree; I think it was the overall writing (not just their relationship) of Moonlighting at the end was to blame for its demise. I believe the writers were so dependent on the sexual tension, that when it was gone they were not sure what to do and the stories got really bland.

Writers on Castle have avoided the same issue so far by not having Castle and Beckett get serious. While I agree this works for a season or two, it really is the easy way of dealing with the issue. If you are writing a show (like Moonlighting) and a big portion of it is built on the sexual tension between the lead characters, the series has to adapt and change when you decided to release that tension.

Castle does not depend as much on that tension and I think it could easily adapt as other shows have. For example, look at the show The Big Bang Theory. Penny and Leonard were able to get together and the show adapted to it and the ratings only went up this season.

Don’t get me wrong. I am happy to have the tension between Beckett and Castle (for now). However, I am sad that Demming got dumped and won’t be around.

Michael Trucco is an awesome actor and I loved his portrayal of the character (maybe we could get a spinoff with Detective Demming as lead). Since he is leaving, it would be nice to see Castle and Beckett take small steps forward next year.

What do you think? Should Becket have stuck with Demming, who she clearly had no trouble being close to? Or is this a case of “the heart wants what the heart wants” and she should step up and tell Castle how she really feels? Do you think that the writers should continue to keep them on the brink for a long time?

I am curious about what you all think. Comment below and share your thoughts on the episode, Castle and Beckett, or the show as a whole.


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LOL Loved the finale. Finally Beckett gets a taste of her own medicine. After treating Castle like crap for over a year when he's done nothing but help her, support her, and even saves her life, she gets the slap in the face she deserves. I laughed for a solid half hour after the credits rolled. Now to make it truly delicious, next season she'll be the one chasing him, and he'll get a chance to be the cold, snotty, and dismissive one for a change. I can't wait!


It's a bit ironic. Just the episode before this one was where Castle looked so upset when he saw Beckett and Demming kissing. And NOW, Beckett's the one who looked really upset when she saw Castle and Gina walking away. Funny how the tables were turned.


damn why don't just let them kiss or something.
it was really sad to see beckett like that


the whole finale I was like 'they are so gonna get together finally' and then at the end I was so disappointed and felt so bad for beckett.. just when she finally figures out how she feels and was so close to actually telling him he takes his ex wife to the hamptons!!!!
I just wanted her to run to him and say she was in love with him ya know its like they are SO SO CLOSE to saying how they feel and the writers are driving me crazy making me wait like this!!! LOL


I felt like I was watching a soap opera at the end of the finale instead of my favorite show. I was disappointed they went the way of Gina the second blood sucking money happy ex wife, I'd rather have seen Castle just leave town on his own and sort out his mixed up life taking some time on his own to figure out how to win Beckett from Demming, instead we get another ploy saga to keep the two leads apart for yet another season.
Beckett finally figures out her feelings and Castle's his to bad they aren't as good with solving their feelings for each other as they can their cases.
Kudos to the entire cast for fine performances and great directing by Rob Bowwman. Stana Katic owned and ruled this episode, Nathan Fillion had a good field day as well.
Disliked the soap opera ending, love the acting. Next season I want to see the writers get some guts and go for a couple together a fun, happy, exciting crime fighting couple of B/C. Moonlighting was 1985 it's 2010 lets move on from that mess and get a TV series that can build a new foundation of success with two leads who have great chemistry together.


I agree with dmcwin--First, Stana Katic was amazing throughout the entire episode (the entire season, actually). She can convey so much with just facial expressions. It's nice to see a vulnerable side to Beckett. And Nathan Fillion was charming and witty, as always. Those two have oodles of chemistry. I also agree that watching them do this dance for 5 or 6 seasons will get old (just like The X-Files, JAG, Remington Steele, Bones, etc. etc.), but it's too soon to be getting them together just yet. I think the show is at its best when Castle and Beckett are solving crimes together, as a team, with all the witty, flirty banter. I'm so glad the show has grown in popularity and was given a full third season. I won't say the summer will be long, because I'm a teacher :) but I will definitely be ready for more Castle in September!


I think it's telling that Castle was watching "His girl Friday" earlier in the episode because the writing on the show has always reminded me of the classic movie mysteries with witty reparte such as "Friday" and, most especially, "The Thin Man" series. They could manage to make it work together, but I don't know if they would be allowed to work together if they were a couple. Heaven knows the supporting cast will admit what the two of them won't really, and after his less than sterling choices as wives, it would be great to see Castle with a wife who is as intelligent and strong as his daughter and mother!


This show has been brilliant throughout the first two seasons, with great storylines and first rate acting. One of the big talking points has been the ongoing 'will they, wont they' between Beckett and Castle, and the onscreen chemistry between the two has on occasions been mesmorising. There have been many twists and turns in their relationship, most noticebly recently with the introduction of the character of Demming, and this intrigue has only added to the overall storyline. However, as soon as this episode started with the missed calls from his ex, it became only too clear the path the writers were going down. They have decided (for whatever reason) to carry on with this cat and mouse game for a little longer. From their point of view it will certainly make things much easier in the third series - a case of carry on with what is working already, and not take the opportunity that presented itself to shake things up a bit. Their relationship has been one of the focal points of the series, and I can understand that that the writers are loathe to risk such an important feature of the show; however, after two seasons it would have been the perfect time to experiment, and I think that many will agree with me there. The episode tonight was a real story of two halves. On the one hand we had the investigation into a bogus spy, with a well worked storyline dealing with many intricate details and subtle undertones. On the other hand we were hit with a totally unnecessary subplot involving one of his ex wives, that reared its ugly head and dealt a low blow at the end of what had otherwise been another great episode. Anyone who didnt see that coming from the beginning really needs to wake up, and the producers need to realise that a bit more imagination is needed to ensure that Castle remains the quality show it has been so far. On the positive side, another great storyline surrounding the investigation, and Katic gave a masterclass in acting throughout. So a great series, with a good final episode, spoilt by the final five minutes, which were as subtle as being punched in the face by Tyson - I like the pun used before describing it as being a 'cop out'. Frankly, I feel that they have taken the wrong option, and can only hope that something happens in the relationship early next season to turn things around.


I thought that the finale was just a little bit cliche, and if I put my mind to it, I probably could have plotted it out, but it was, a good finale, nonetheless. I definitely appreciated Beckett reaching out even it her hand wasn't exactly accepted by Castle. I think him moving on just a little was a big step, and that it needed to be done, because first there was Sorenson, now Demming, and Castle never really had anyone. Third season though, Gina needs to go. That would just be too back and forth. I think with the past few episodes, Marlowe and Co. have been absolutely fantastic at giving us some great depth and character development, which they seemed to struggle to do in the middle of the season. If they keep it up, like you said, they can perhaps pursue a little bit of the Castle/Beckett romance successfully. Overall, I was very happy the finale. It left me feeling a little bit depressed at the prospect of Castle off with his deep fried twinkie (...or was that Meredith?), but I think a good finale invokes an emotion of any sort, something the staff definitely managed to do. Cheers to them, and can't wait for the third season!


Cop out. Pun intended. You could see the Castle end coming a half-hour away especially since the ex hadn't shown up by then. Has no one on Castle watched TNT's The Closer. She manages at first to work for her ex-lover, develop a relationship with an FBI agent, date him, live with him and then marry him all the while keeping the show in top form. Admittedly the relationship is more important to Castle or rather the sexual tension, but it could work. I almost decided to stop watching after the end last night. I was let down. She dumps Demming and then gets shut down. I didn't expect a concrete setting but give the fans hope. I lost patience with Moonlighting and now I am feeling the same. I hope that by the end of summer my feelings change. I'll give Castle two episodes into the next season and that's it. At least The Closer lives up to its title.

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