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I think people are reading waaaaay to into the christina picking owen over mer/mer putting christina first. i don't think that mer/der will always face the problem of mer putting christana first. i think that certain situations are deemed more important than others. yes, for 99% of what derek tells meredith, she needs to keep it to herself. but we're talking about the man in her best friends life, being in love with another woman. btw- she didn't even say anything!!! lol- that's what i find so hilarious about this. she didn't say anything. she looked. because she can read people like a book, and mer is not stupid. and owen feels guilty. i also think that it's natural for christina to turn to owen, when you are in a committed relationship, that person becomes the most important person to you.


OWEN has become a super-hero ,because he reads the thought, but that staff , a surgeon that uses this to exclude Mer from the operation for his flaws.
DEREK that since he's a chief,he commands Mer on what must do and say,other that Mcdreamy,Derek isn't more Derek.
CRI ,but that cabbage MER herself worries and Cri what does...
have not words.
In this show the only man that i like me is ALEX,GREAT-GREAT,the other there aren't more

Mcarmy from the trauma problem goes to the choice among two engages.

Mcdreamy goes to leave from the show ,because he isn't a stupid,see that his character is becoming.

Mcsteamy changes women as his underpantes.

I prefer quote are "i love you" by MEREDITH and no "i love you too" by Derek because his kiss was forced.
ALEX"You going home" "Wanna gone home togheter".


I hope Meredith kick his ass. We needs fiesty Mer back lol. I will enjoy seeing him in pain too!


@ fifi

There are a lot of things discussed that they just assume we will figure out from episode to episode though. Cristina has to know about Ellis' suicide considering she read her journals with Meredith.

MerDer need to get a clue and confide in each other. This last episode pissed me off.


I know! Who the hell does Owen think he is? I am hoping that he'll get his lesson next episode. And I will enjoy it seeing him in pain.


WORD anuflas. That's what I was thinking. I hope from now on Meredith will start to choose Derek and put him first!!

I was really sad about Cris choosing Owen. I hated him more than ever. He treated Meredith like crap and he kicked her out of the O.R infront of everyone:/ It is not Mer's fault that he is a jerk and a liar!!


I hope that this is a wake up call to Meredith in knowing that Cristina will eventually move on and Derek will still be there. She should put her marriage a priority. I can't blame Derek if he chooses to leave stuff out. Been there, done that.

Cristina always had someone (Burke and now GI Joe) before Meredith. I don't know why this is a shock but I do find it unfair and a little selfish from Cristina given the sacrifices that Meredith does.

I still hate GI Joe.

I just might get into Alex/Lexie. He makes Lexie tolerable.


Who played the fat guy on the May 6 episode?


I think in the finale that Gary Clark will shoot Meredith because he wants Derek to feel the same kind of pain that he is feeling/felt in regards to his wife's death. Perhaps April will be the person that helps Meredith....? That would be a twist!

I also really like Alex and Lexie together, they have good chemistry and I think that Callie should get together with Mark and have a baby, they're great together!


I like Lexie and Alex sooooo much... They are better than Mark and Lexie...
And even if Callie and Arizona are breaking my heart... I always think that Callie and Mark have to be togheter...

Sorry for my english but i'm italian...

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