Smallville Producer "Very Optimistic" About Return of Allison Mack

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As season nine of Smallville winds down, viewers will get a lot of Chloe.

Along those lines, we have great news for fans of The CW series: executive producer Brian Peterson says he's “very optimistic” that the actress - who doesn't yet have a contract for next season - will, indeed, return this fall.

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Michael Ausiello asked Peterson if Mack's deal is done and he replied: “We’ve learned the hard way not to say [it's official] until everything is signed and dotted. So the best we can say is we’re really optimistic. And so is Allison.”

We consider that a confirmation. Feel free to whoop and holler, Smallville fans.

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I want her back!!!!!!! I stopped watching Smallville a while ago and the only reason I started watching again and buying all the damn DVD's so I could catch up lol was because of Chloe/Oliver so PLEASEEEEEEE!!!!!!! She's always been my favorite now add Oliver to the mix and OMG! I love Tom Welling but he's not enough to stay dedicated to the show. Sorry.


uh duh shes one of the main reason why some people like me watch smallville!!!! her haters is just annoying ewww shut up!!!!


somebody save us from this disgusting way is this true. This character is so annoying and a pain to watch. somebody please pull the plug on her


Most overrated actress and character of all time...ugghhhhhhh what does it take to get rid of her character, i swear chloe has nine lives like a cat,...all of which arent worth it...


OMG SHE BETTER COME BACK! I love Chloe/Allison. Oliver and Chloe are AMAZING together


she should come back!!!!


SV is nothing without Chloe


Yay! The most overrated character on TV is coming back for the final season! Can't wait for all the hate that her character generates from the non-Chloe-worshipping fans. Chloe has now made the character of Oliver Queen canon fodder too! Hooray!


Username says it all people. CHLOE ROCKS! Chloe and Oliver are ENDGAME:D


Oh thank God!!!! Yes!

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