The Ghost Whisperer Review: "Dead Ringer"

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With only one episode left until the season is over The Ghost Whisperer did not fail to keep us spooked and entertained!

We weren't sure who the ghost was in the beginning, but we loved how easy it was for Melinda to figure out that Kyle had an identical twin brother. Seth was clearly mad at Melinda for helping their mother go into the light, but why was he making her personal life so dreadful? The final scene where Seth is about to go into the light he tells Melinda that Bedford and "the cold things" put him up to it - but why?

"Dead Ringer" showed us that Melinda's visions and what is reality are blurring into one thing. All we know is she better get a grip on what's real before her family's life is thrown into jeopardy.

Hug for Aiden

Do you remember the episode where the Ouija board ghost tells her that someone she loves will die? So far, no one has - we wonder if this means that in the season finale someone will die...what do you think?

Carl gave Melinda some useful advice on how to keep Aiden safe, but will Melinda actually go through with it and pretend that ghosts aren't real?

Wouldn't that cause even more psychological damage on Aiden? He is old enough to play chess with Carl, wouldn't he be smart enough to realize that it wasn't a hallucination and that ghosts are real? We don't believe that this will be the end of Aiden's ghost whispering abilities - do you?

There's been so much talk about the Shadows, but what about the Shining's? If it does come to a battle next week, will they be there to help Melinda?

If Bedford told Melinda to trust nothing and no one, do you really think he means herself as well? Bedford is working with the Shadows, so why should Melinda really believe anything that he says to her?

This week we are left with so many unanswered questions - what do you think will be the fate of our beloved characters?

Follow the jump for a few of our favorite The Ghost Whisperer quotes and let us know if we're missing any!

Melinda: I know how hard it can be saying good-bye to someone you love. | permalink
Seth: I guess if Melinda thinks the light is so special, maybe she should find out for herself. | permalink
Melinda: Yeah, I know, its not the first time I've been called crazy, but usually it's not true. | permalink
Melinda: Are you really trying to scare me? | permalink
Delia: Sure hope he can fly. | permalink
Melinda: Over my dead body?
Delia: Let me guess, Gale's dad.
Melinda: So much for resting in peace. | permalink


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Aloha Camp,
To answer your question; I belive that "Sam's" middle name was Jim. It was a little confusing. They never addressed the fact that Melinda married someone else so soon and had a kid. It kinda made her look like a "ho" . Dont get me wrong, I love that Melinda and Jim were able to come back together. The kid sealed the deal for me though. CREEPY . I think the show is so much better when they don't focus on that creepy kid.
It is also very sad that the show is cancelled and prob won't have a decent ending :(


Correction to my question, how did he become known as Jim, and not Sam after regaining his memory?


My wife and I never did see what happened that Jim is Jim again, instead of Sam. We saw where he regained his memory when he hit his head rescuing Melinda, but not how he came to be known as Sam, and not have Sam's face.


The love that Melinda and Jim have shared over the years are a big part of what draws my attention to this show. Of course I like the touching moments when she is crossing a ghost over to "the light", however some of the most heartwrenching moments have been when Melinda refers to the fact that Jim gave everything to come back to her after his "death". Jim is a very important character to this show, far more valuable than the Aiden storylines. I like to feel that there is the possibility of this geat love that nothing can change nor falter.


As a long time viewer if you took out the dynamic of Melinda's husband, it wouldn't be the same and I wouldn't watch it. The character of Jim is essential to that show, at least for me and viewers I know. I think the writers have failed to utilize him properly as they did in earlier seasons where he actually was assisting Melinda which was wise, instead it always shows her running around with Eli, which is great, as was Professor Payne, but they're really cutting the husband out by having her interact more with Eli, doesn't look too good on her as a wife...although we know why she does it, it just seems odd, I think any husband would tire of that and should be more involved in her real life issues more than a hi honey, kiss, and what's going on. Give the character of Jim more to do, and just because they have a child now doesn't mean the romance has to die, they'll have the chemistry again, the episode with the supposed Evil Babysitter proved they can still have sweet meaningful scenes as a couple and as a family. They should analyze the fact a bit more that she has been putting ghosts before her family, and find a way to balance the two or create an interesting conflict there to bring her and Jim closer, after all wasn't it Jim the one who ALWAYS compromises? Just a thought, but I disagree, Jim is vital to the show, his chracter needs to be written in a more interesting way with twists and plots, etc! Just my view.


I think her hubby has to go. He used to be awesome but it looks to me like he isn't the slightest bit interested in doing the show anymore AND the chemistry they once shared isn't there. He almost seems reticent being there. Maybe that's just my perception but I am a viewer too and he's ruining it now.

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The Ghost Whisperer Season 5 Episode 21 Quotes

Melinda: Over my dead body?
Delia: Let me guess, Gale's dad.
Melinda: So much for resting in peace.

Gale: You think this junk is worth something?
Melinda: Everything is to somebody.