The Ghost Whisperer Series Finale Review: "The Children's Parade"

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Last night marked the season finale of The Ghost Whisperer - and by the looks of it, the series finale. Tear.

Hopefully another station will pick up our favorite spooky show! (Hint - Hint - ABC, Cmon! Please!?)

George Wendt on Ghost Whisperer

Finally the Shinies came back into play and we get what we've been waiting for! The ultimate battle between the light and the dark.

It was interesting to find out that the Shinies are a bunch of children. Children are known as being pure innocents so it would make sense that the Shinies were only made up of ghost children.

This also answered our question on why the Shadows were so interested in getting ghost children above anyone else. The Shadows were trying to build a bigger army to destroy the Shinies, but the Shinies are stronger and more powerful.

"The Children's Parade" really showed us what Aiden is made out of - Bravery. He knew that it was up to him to lead the battle against the Shadows to save his mother and he not only pulled it off, but gave a remarkable speech to get the Shinies together.

So now that the Shinies destroyed the Shadows - do you think that they will be able to gather their powers and come back again? Could this really be the end of the Shadows? We have a feeling that if another station decides to pick up this show, it won't be!

We were surprised that Bedford was no where to be seen throughout this episode. His storyline was crucial to the battle and yet when the chip fell - he was M.I.A. What gives? If this episode really is the series finale, it would have been nice to have him cross over into the light.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with this last episode and the fact that it ended happily with the family together and really no cliffhangers. What surprised us most is how non-creepy Aiden was. We even venture to say he was cute! Especially at the end when he told his mom he was brave like she is every day. Awe!

What did you think of the series/season finale?! Do you think this show should be saved? Leave your thoughts below!

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Ending it like that was totally RETARDED! I was soooo enjoying this show!, then.... "Oh well, guess we are done here". Who the hell does that?


The show plays on ION here in Tennessee. I've watched every episode at least twice! I am equally disappointed that their wasn't anymore after Aiden and the shinnies had the big stand off. I would love to see more episodes! A season six with more about all the ghosts left earth bound getting crossed over would be great! Or episodes where Aiden was older and now helping his mom cross ghosts over. Or maybe Aiden crossing his mom over! Omg, that would make a great start to a new series of the Ghost Whisperer!


I just started from the beginning and just got to the last one. and I was thinking is this the last last one because my tv wasnt recording anymore and so i decided to look it up and it was the last one. Im so upset I just got really into this show and i want more and more now.... Damn you.... someone pick them up and lets start season 6 where it left off.


I am upset that there is no season 6 of The Ghost Whisperer the show was awesome I watch every episode no matter what time or channel it is on to this day this used to be my Friday tv date time I really wish they would bring it back and start season six where they left off as well as using same actors there is so much more they can do as of now it ended with a lot of loose ends CBS sucks for dropping the show I am quite sure the ratings didn't drop that Much and if they did so what I am certain they would have picked back up in no time I could go on and on and keep bitching but right now
that's all I have to say at the moment.I am watching Ghost Whisperer on cloo
Totally disgusted with CBS


Love this show!! Wish they would bring it back! !!


They need to bring it back on and start from the last episode.


Shame the series ended with so many loose ends, like the laughing man and the guy in the trilby, the spirits trapped in the tunnels, Bedford, her brother and father, the ghost in the public records library, I can't remember what happened to any of them.


I always enjoyed watching this show and now I watch the re-runs all the time. I even bought the series, but when its on I watch it lol. What someone said before is true, the show did make you feel like home, the acting was consistent. I didn't understand the odd wardrobe choice for Melinda but whatever. Actually today's episode she had on like a school girls dress with knee high boots and then material that extended onto her thighs. Now that was a very odd choice. I wish they would bring the show back, miss watching it on Friday nights at 8pm.


I loved the series. I finally watched the whole thing in its entirety on the ION channel, so I was unaware that Chilren's Parade was the SERIES FINALE!!! How depressing!!! I think the show was well cast, well acted, and felt a little like home all the time. I think they should restart the series and bring everyone back, they could still do so much with Ned and Aiden and the rest of the cast are still so wonderful and could keep doing the same thing and I would never get sick of them!!!


potential good news, since Netflix is thinking of making a 6th season. Anybody who has netflix needs to start up their chat and ask for a 6th season

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Just unplug the drain - you're George the plumber, not George the comedian.


I just asked you a question. Do you understand?!