The Ghost Whisperer Series Finale Review: "The Children's Parade"

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Last night marked the season finale of The Ghost Whisperer - and by the looks of it, the series finale. Tear.

Hopefully another station will pick up our favorite spooky show! (Hint - Hint - ABC, Cmon! Please!?)

George Wendt on Ghost Whisperer

Finally the Shinies came back into play and we get what we've been waiting for! The ultimate battle between the light and the dark.

It was interesting to find out that the Shinies are a bunch of children. Children are known as being pure innocents so it would make sense that the Shinies were only made up of ghost children.

This also answered our question on why the Shadows were so interested in getting ghost children above anyone else. The Shadows were trying to build a bigger army to destroy the Shinies, but the Shinies are stronger and more powerful.

"The Children's Parade" really showed us what Aiden is made out of - Bravery. He knew that it was up to him to lead the battle against the Shadows to save his mother and he not only pulled it off, but gave a remarkable speech to get the Shinies together.

So now that the Shinies destroyed the Shadows - do you think that they will be able to gather their powers and come back again? Could this really be the end of the Shadows? We have a feeling that if another station decides to pick up this show, it won't be!

We were surprised that Bedford was no where to be seen throughout this episode. His storyline was crucial to the battle and yet when the chip fell - he was M.I.A. What gives? If this episode really is the series finale, it would have been nice to have him cross over into the light.

Overall, we were pretty impressed with this last episode and the fact that it ended happily with the family together and really no cliffhangers. What surprised us most is how non-creepy Aiden was. We even venture to say he was cute! Especially at the end when he told his mom he was brave like she is every day. Awe!

What did you think of the series/season finale?! Do you think this show should be saved? Leave your thoughts below!

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Literally JUST finished the series about 2 minuets ago. I couldn't believe that "children's paradise" was the last episode, so I came here! And sadly, it was the last episode /: this show was amazing! I mean it still had so much more to explain! I was looking forward to see how Aiden turned out as he got older, also I was confused on who jim is now? Everybody (even at work) called him jim, so does everybody know or see him as jim now? ANYWAYS, bring this show back!!!


Loved watching series on chiller. Really enjoyed the whole cast and the message, small town, antiques, old houses, clothes, music and endless to go cups. Wish there was more.


My wife and I just finished the series last night. We enjoyed the finale, but really....after so much building and building it just seemed to end so fast. Would have been nice if they would have at least ended with a two-hour finale or something. I also can't figure out why another station (even if it was a middle tier station) didn't pick this up. If it had gone to WB or Sci-Fi (GW seems like it could fit in on either of those stations) there would still be millions of fans watching.

@ Ryan_F

I totally agree with you the episode was just too fast seems like they wasted much time on that boy instead of focusing on the bad earth bound spirits the guy in the hat and so forth


Oh no! I just found out that I'm approaching the last and final episode! :( love this show! Bring it back!


I watched all five seasons on Netfix with my daughter! If I had know it was no longer an ongoing tv series, we sure would have savored the shows and our time together soo much more!!!!!!


We just re-watched all 5 seasons of GW, and wish now more than ever that a new season was coming...loved the final show but it wasnt a series ender.. even on the special features they talk about the next season and now we dont have it


Ghost whisperer is off the air?!!! F******************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really loved that show!


See even after all these years people are still commenting. Bring it back please.


I honestly think that the ending could have been better. Something I wan to see is what happens to Adian. If somebody were able to pick this up again and keep it going i honestly think that would be amazing. I feel like a lot of viewers have many questions to be answered and I think keeping the show going would be awesome. I also think that I would have added a little more emotion to the ending because all of the others shows and seasons have had a lot of emotion and this really was a little dull and how everything happens at the end.


you need to finish the show. there are too many questions to be answered, to many story mistakes and overlooks. the general public may not understand how to act, produce and write all the things you do but we apreciate you for it all. these stories give people so much in so many ways that its like never being alone ever. its ok if you dont return we all get it, but its a shame if you dont you have a great tallent for this type of work.

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Just unplug the drain - you're George the plumber, not George the comedian.


I just asked you a question. Do you understand?!