William Baldwin on Gossip Girl Role: I'll Be Back!

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Think that we've seen the last of William van der Woodsen after the shady doctor's dastardly exit from Gossip Girl in this week's episode, "Ex-Husbands and Wives"?

Think again.

William Baldwin will definitely be back to wreak more havoc, a la Georgina Sparks and Carter Baizen, at an undetermined point in the future, according to reports.

A reliable source says the Gossip Girl brain trust is gearing up to have Billy return to the Upper East Side next season. There's certainly a lot left to be resolved.

Baldwin will not, however, be joining the series as a full Gossip Girl cast member, even though he'll popping up here and there to stir up drama as needed.

The reason for that? "I live in Santa Barbara, and they shoot in New York," he said.

Serena and Dad

Dr. William van der Woodsen has left New York ... for now.

In real life, Baldwin is a much better father to his three young children than his Gossip Girl counterpart, actually putting them before his career - what a concept!

Thankfully, a part-time gig still offers plenty of possibility.

"When I return, it's going to be Dr. Van der Woodsen coming in and having some fun," Billy teased. "I'm looking forward to seeing stuff beyond Serena, Lily, Rufus and Eric - to mixing it up with her friends and seeing how much trouble we can cause there."

Personally, that sounds great to us.

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I like Dr. Van Der Woodsen. He and Serena are very alike (only with their facial features). And Serena really loves him. I'll be looking forward to the drama he will bring to NYC next season.


no william is hotter than rufus but im scared on what hell be doing to them next season.

Elise of the upper east side

thats great if he is a nice guy in real life and i wish him the best but he doesn't bring much to this show and probably makes it worse so...please don't billy.

Inate archibald

I really just want Carter to come back!


I do not approve.


saw this one coming a mile away


William may be the person who "shows up in Paris" in Season 4.


well Rufus is hotter than William but unfortunately that the only thing the poor guy has...
i'm really hoping when he comes back they make him have an affair with Lily! I want to see Rufus cry like a baby in his waffles!!


William is ten times better then Rufus!


yay for daddy vanderwoodsen ! i like him better than rufus, rufus is such a whiny person and hypocrite as hell.

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