Actually, Charice WILL Recur on Glee!

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At first, Charice was going to recur on Glee next season.

Then, the singer shot down this rumor on Twitter late last month, writing: "I just want to let you all know that it’s not true that I’m going to be on Glee. How I wish!"

Now, again, it appears as though this wish has come true: Michael Ausiello confirms that the Filipino international singing sensation WILL actually recur on season two of this Fox smash.

Sources say this international star - whose full name is Charice Pempengco - will play a foreign exchange student whose talent irks Rachel and causes our favorite New Directions member to think seriously bitter thoughts.

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Is this a good casting decision? Sounds like the perfect news item to sound off about in our NEW GLEE FORUM! We'll meet you there.

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@gooserider77 Really? Because I could maybe deal with her for 2 episodes. But I really don't want her as a regular.
And I'm not scared of her. Or envious of her because she's talented and from the Philippines. I know she's talented. I respect that. I just don't like her, and don't think she's right for Glee. And her being from the Philippines has nothing to do with it.


I'm sorry, am i the only one who dosen't know who the hell she is?


As for her fans, her followings are mix. She's got the Pyramid hit now and she's still starting out basically in the US. So maybe this will be a good thing for her. We'll see when Glee resumes later this year. :)


Don't slam a person just because of where she came from. It's really annoying when people act so superior to other races--when in fact we could just be happy of other people's accomplishments.


I like Glee but more so now that Charice is a recurring guest. I think she is a perfect foil for Rachel's powerful vocals. I would love to hear them sing in a duet. Both are so good that I cannot wait for the second season to start. She's a great addition to the cast.


Don't like this.


why you people are scared of CHARICE? or you are envious because she talented singer from the Philippines? She is only a guest not a permanent member. get lost!


Two cents here, for @Jesse:
If we're tallying up Filipino non-Charice Pempengco fans, count me as one of them. @All 4 CHAIR & ST.BERRY(wishes to control TV shows):
I couldn't agree with you more. In the Philippines, most of Charice's following are composed of old people and the occasional fellow gushing showbiz personality. Charice Pempengco lacks that certain factor that would appeal to the younger population demographic in general (not just in the Philippines). This fact provides the irony that Glee is supposedly geared towards trying to appeal (and appease?) towards this particular viewing population, and yet they cast someone like Charice who has NO youth appeal whatsoever. Best of luck in the ratings game for Charice's episode.


@All 4 CHAIR & ST.BERRY(wishes to control TV shows) There was already a lot of plot inconsistencies and complaints about the lack of character development. You're right, the last thing they need is one more. PLUS the three others they'll introduce this season.


With respect to the bloggers on this site, especially those who says they are Filipino, things have a way to go on if deserving. It is natural that most will have comments on everything. This was a God given right of everybody. Just hope we used it wisely so that our forefathers, even parents, did something right for a change. Panalangin ko lang, hindi mawawala sa ating isip na tayo ay Filipino sa mata ng Diyos at ng ibang lahi.

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