Burn Notice Review: "Fast Friends"

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On this week's episode of Burn Notice ("Fast Friends"), we got introduced to Jesse,a newly-burned spy.

Michael was forced to come up with a way to befriend him without tipping him off that he helped burn him. This made for a delicate dance.

Jesse was a great “Yin” to Michael’s “Yang” and reminded me a bit of what Michael was like when he was first burned. The conversation Fiona and Michael had about how Michael first woke up with someone he could trust sitting beside him and that Jesse did not have that was an awesome reflection on how far the show has come and was a great callback to the first episode.

Getting a Close-Up

I truly enjoy the writing Matt Nix is doing with the show. It appears that Jesse will be around for several episodes and that should be awesome. I suspect there is some attraction building between him and Fiona.

When Jesse told her that he got put behind a desk because he couldn’t sit by and watch a guy beat up his girlfriend, not only did she say “I knew I liked you,” but you could see a shiny gleam in her eye.

However, let’s not forget that Michael is playing with fire. While he and Jesse have now become “fast friends,” if Jesse finds out that Michael helped burn him there is a good chance Michael wouldn’t know it until it was too late. So this raises a couple of questions.

First, is there a situation where Michael can be honest with Jesse, and Jesse not kill him? Second, will Nix keep Jesse and turn the trio into a quartet for good?  I am looking forward to the next few episodes to see how the dynamics of the four of them works out before I even try to guess the answer to either of those questions.

What did you think of the episode? Do you like Jesse? Should Michael be worried about Fiona falling for him?? Comment away!


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Jesse is not only a flat character but is just unbearable to watch. Expanding the threesome to a foursome is a bad idea, and I stopped watching the last episode halfway through. Ill pick it up again when this dude is gone, if that happens. It sucks too, cause this was my favorite show...bummer.


Burn Notice is one of my favorties shows, but I've gotten bored/irritated with the last two episodes and stopped watching halfway through each time. Jesse is too flat, the wrong note for this slick, sun-lit Florida group. He'd be fine in a dark, dangerous New York scene, but if his character doesn't lighten up and slow down some I'm going to stop watching.


It reminded me alot of the Shaw/Sarah situation on Chuck last season. Hopefully he doesnt take out Mike's mom, but it would give her some sort of worth.


I love the "double-edged sword" situation that Michael is in. Working "with" Vaughn to debrief Jesse while, at the same time, befriending Jesse in an attempt to atone for his own part in Jesse's career failure is going to cause a great deal of stress for Michael. Given the fact that he is already emotionally "still waters", so to speak, these situations are going to drive him to become even more introspective as he tries to figures ways around them. Unfortunately, that will make him even more distant to Fiona - not because he is pushing her away but because he has made a career of resolving these issues by himself - and she is going to find Jesse's more carefree,in-your-face, act-first-ask-questions-later approach a little more refreshing. Hey - more like her!!! However, bottom line - she will realize that Michael is the yin to her yang. Jesse won't be in her sights for long.
With that being said - check out the posts on Navi Rawat's appearance on the program beginning June 24th. I don't think I like where this might be headed. For Michael's head to be turned - that does not bode well for Fiona!!
Have the writers forgotten Michael's declaration in "Sins of Omission" and how "Friendly Fire" ended? I haven't! We need more Michael and Fiona time. They are great working team mates but geesh, we all know that isn't the sum of their relationship. Can we see a little of the affection? Please?

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Burn Notice Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Michael: I thought you wanted to rent the garage to someone nice who owned a cat?
Madeline: "Nice is overrated, and besides, I forgot how much I hate cats.

Jesse: Before I let you in on this I need to tell you something. I am seeing this through. The old bosses will let me back in one day, and then I am going to find who burned me and kill them. Are you good with that?
Michael: Yeah, I am good with that.