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Apologies in advance dear readers, because instead of the thoughtful, hilarious review that you’re used to seeing from M.L. House, today you’re getting a random stream of consciousness review from me, the Mrs. M.L. House! You can just think of us like my favorite Glee couple, as I often do.

I’m like Rachel (a little bossy here and there, and I really love my own singing voice), and the Mr. M.L. can be Finn (since Jesse is SO out of the picture). Plus, I often daydream that Mr. M.L. is both a fabulous singer and the star football player like Finn. *Sigh*

Anyway, onward we go with the review of "Funk."

Ohhh, that liar Jesse! Even though we saw this coming for episodes, I had been hoping that Jesse would at least show some conflicting emotions when he threw Rachel and New Directions under the proverbial bus. The least he could have done was tell Rachel the same heartfelt speech he gave Shelby a couple episodes ago. I believed it back then... now I’m not so sure he ever really cared about her.

Either way, I hope that by the end of the season he is BEGGING Rachel to get back with him, so she can break his heart right back, and kick his butt at Regionals on top of it. In my head, I say the name “Jesse St James” with the meanest possible voice I can imagine. He’s Despicable with a capital D.

Getting Funky

Now, onto Quinn: I appreciate her plight and can stand by the message that Glee is trying to send with her plotline, but WHAT was going on with her funk this week? First of all, there are 7 very pregnant girls at McKinley High? Shouldn’t the school start doing some sex ed or abstinence training or something?

Secondly, I love pregnancy, I love babies, and I love high-schoolers (except for a few I won’t name here, ahem), but I found Quinn’s song (and the backup dancers) kind of weird in general. I mean, pregnant 16 year olds shouldn’t be gyrating around in front of their peers. Aren’t there other ways to express the difficulties of teen pregnancy, Quinn?

Personally, I can’t wait till Quinn has the baby and we get this plotline over with. I kind of liked her better when she was mean and a Cheerio and stirring up things with Puck and Finn and Rachel.

Of course when Sue dresses up she just puts on a strand of pearls with her track suit, ha! The entire date scene/Sue’s house scene was fabulous. I like how each of her track suits have their own mannequin to hang on – like they’re too good for an ordinary hanger.  So so so so so funny. Meanwhile, which trophy do you think Sue was hugging in bed? It must be a recent Cheerio one, right?

Mercedes Number

Another thing I loved during this episode - Puck and Finn’s camaraderie. “Loser” was hot!!! It renewed my Puck and Finn Fever. And then the Puck/Finn encore with Mercedes to “Good Vibrations” I was crushing hard. And am still thinking about Finn in that tank top.

At the end, when Jesse waved to Rachel across the parking lot, I thought he was going to get hit by a bus a’la Mean Girls. And then he breaks an egg on her face– heartless. Also unsanitary, as my roommate Tara pointed out. Wash that egg off your lip immediately girl! Salmonella doesn’t go well with a broken heart. Poor Rachel.  But I loved Jesse’s face during the funkification – how do you like them apples, Jesse?

One last thing, and I can’t believe M.L. House hasn’t mentioned it ever because I talk about it like every week, but HOW GOOD OF A DANCER IS MIKE!?!?!??!!?! He wasn’t on that much in this episode, but he’s been on in the past, and I could watch him 24/7. Kid has got moves!

So that’s all from me. Next week you’ll be back to your regularly scheduled programming with Mr. M.L. House and his reviews.

XOXO, Gossip Girl.

Ha, Just kidding! Was great to be here, byeeeeee! Some Glee quotes from the episode appear below ...

Sue: And that gay terrorist went on to become the first gay president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. | permalink
Kurt: I'm so depressed I've worn the same outfit twice this week. | permalink
Mr Harrison: Where's my music? How am I supposed to shop without my Kenny G? | permalink
Puck: You're not going to fondle us, are you Mr. Harrison? | permalink
Sue: Hot Cheetos have been proven to raise endorphins and make happy kids, and I can't have that. | permalink
Rachel: Do it. Break it like you broke my heart. | permalink
Sue: Will I'm not going to do this. Even your breath stinks of mediocrity. | permalink
Sue: I'm all about finding a freakish depressed kid and showing them what winning's all about. | permalink
Rachel: Now I just keep having nightmares of all of the mother's of the little baby chicks coming at me for revenge. | permalink
Terri: I have this compulsive need to crush other people's dreams. Finn: Yeah that's what Mr. Shu said. | permalink
Quinn (on regrets): Thinking "trust me" was a sensible birth control option. | permalink
Artie: They call it a funkification, meaning they show us what they've got and we spiral into a deep cloud of funk. | permalink
Sue: I want it to look like Elvis' gold record room at Graceland, except I'll be wanting far few morbidly obese women wandering around. | permalink
Sue: You know, for me trophies are like herpes. You can try to get rid of them but they just keep coming. Sue Sylvester has hourly flair ups of burning itchy highly contagious talent. | permalink


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Doc, The things you point out do bother me when I think about them (and I think bother most everyone, too) -- except that one accepts a different standard in stage and movie musicals (or show choir on television). Does "42nd Street" make sense (and "Presenting Lily Mars" was somebody's answer to that)? But then how many times did Judy Garland and Mickey Rooney decide to "let's put on a show!"? And do you really think someone could be talked into killing himself as in "Oklahoma"? Of course, did you ever see the Saturday Night Live bit with Gilda Radner as Lucille Ball working at the conveyor belt where she had to put a squirt of whipped cream and a cherry on top of the nuclear warheads as they went past? Sometimes you have to suspend belief .... Anyhow, this second set of shows has seemed to be even more inconsistent than the first set ending in sectionals (episode 13). When the show restarted, I didn't know what to make of how the characters seemed to me to undevelop. I saw something somewhere, and I don't know if it was in a review or a comment about a review that said the writers/producers "reset" the characters to (and these are my words coming up) the "caricatures and stereotypes" they built their characters from in the beginning. I guess that I accept that the writers/producers made the first 13 episodes so that they could stand as a story ... and then weren't sure where to go from there when they were asked for more episodes and were renewed and scheduled as the show following the super bowl and so just started over. Once I accepted that much, I've since enjoyed (or tried, anyway, to accept) Glee for what it is and, of course, can't help but note to anyone who will listen the very things you point out ... and many more!


I have to say, the best part of this episode (for me) was when Puck was rallying the boys so they could go beat up Vocal Adrenaline because of what they did to Rachel. But this isn't some Puckerberry thing. I liked that for a completely different reason. All the boys jumped up to go do the deed, to stand up for Rachel. Including Kurt. Kurt was willing to get his hands dirty, in order to stand up for Rachel. I think that even if it wasn't Rachel, if it was somebody like Tina, or Brittany, or any of them, they all would have done the same. It really shows how close they have gotten, and how protective they are of each other. Or maybe, I'm just putting to much into it... Also, yes. Mike is awesome (and my favorite character). More Mike next season, please!


Why does no one ever comment on how ludicrous the plot points are on this show? Vocal Adrenaline vandalizes New Directions' choir room and assaults Rachel with no repercussions, and yet, Finn and Puck have to pay for damages to Vocal Adrenaline's cars? As someone else pointed out, did Jesse and company really think that Shelby would approve of them hitting her daughter with eggs? And, in the trailer for next week, Sue is going to be one of the judges? In what world would a competition ever allow one of the judges to not only come from the same school as one of the teams, but also to have one of the students on her own squad? Assuming that the people who run the Regionals have no knowledge of Sue's hatred of the Glee club, they would figure that she would vote for McKinley's team out of school loyalty, not to mention that Kurt helped her win Nationals just a week prior. The writing had been on an upswing in the past few weeks. I'm sorry to see it move back into the same "old direction" that it had in the first half of the season.


OMG, I am so hyped up after this episode. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it!
What I don't get, when Jesse eggs Rachel he says "I loved you". Ok, so what happened? He's acting as if she dumped him and he's getting revenge...
Mr. Shue was effing hot, oh my gosh! Finn&Puck - totally badass.
Kudos to the writers for finally showing us up close the VA/ND conflict. Before Jesse was introduced to us, we didn't really have anyone to represent VA but now the battle between the two teams is so on! I went to Carmel HS, Indiana, (the prototype for VA, as a matter of fact. If anyone's interested in what that looks like in real life:, and was also in show choir, so I'm kind of rooting for them a little, lol!
Oh, and yeah, Mike was in Step Up 2 - he really has some killer moves!


Mrs ML house, for a woman you should have been happy with the Quinn solo. Did you miss the point? Teen pregnancy is prevalent in high schools. 7? There are 5 times that in certain schools. The whole point was for it to be akward and uncomfortable! The point of the song was, there she is, her life and body have changed but Puck is still being Pucky Puck. Its a mans world but it would mean nothing without a woman. The women that gave birth to all these men who own the world. THAT was the point., I thought it was perfectly done and perfectly performed. More Quinn please. How sad that you would just prefer the bitchy cheerleader instead of Glee for once bar the Kurt gay storyline, tackling something people need to talk about but find too uncomfortable to discuss. Yes, I want Quinn back to HBIC but this is part of her journey and I like that there is more to her than just being the pretty bitchy cheerleader.


Fun review! And, YES! ... Sue's place was hilarious. This episode would have made more sense, too, if it had come before "Theatricality" as originally intended. I sort of doubt Vocal Adrenaline would have egged Rachel if it was common knowledge she was their coach's kid. Jesse at least had a conflicted expression on his face about that. Wonder if that is meant to foretell anything??


loved your review Mrs. M L House, but Finn and Puck did a Loser cover. Vocal Adrenaline did Another One Bites the Dust. :)

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Glee Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

I want it to look like Elvis' gold record room at Graceland, except I'll be wanting far few morbidly obese women wandering around.


They call it a funkification, meaning they show us what they've got and we spiral into a deep cloud of funk.