Life Unexpected Season Two Spoilers: What's an Isosceles Love Triangle?

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Cate and Ryan got married to conclude season one of Life Unexpected.

So any problems between these two and Baze are over with, right? Wrong!

"Just because [Cate] married [Ryan] doesn't mean she doesn't still have feelings for Baze," Shiri Appleby told E! News this week.

Married Pair!

High drama alert! As they look forward to the return of their show this fall (on Tuesday nights, take note, fans!), cast members Appleby, Kerr Smith and Kris Polaha have a preview of what's ahead for each of their characters. To wit..

Appleby: "Cate and Ryan are now married, and there are going to be some obstacles they're going to have to work through. And Cate's job might be up in the air at some point."

Smith: "It's not even your typical love triangle; it's more of an isosceles type of love triangle. It's really screwed up and weird."

Polaha: "Marriage is an important institution, and Baze will respect it. Which means Baze is going to have a new love interest. There's some fun stuff about to happen. And instead of Cate and Baze having that [back and forth], he's going to be there for her. And they're going to raise Lux together."

We can't wait. Is it September yet?!?

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I like Cate with Ryan but its so obvious that she will end up with Baze. Its just gonna be another one of those dragged out things until finally they get together. You can just see the undeniable chemistry between Baze and Cate and im secretly hoping for the whole happy family thing too! Ryan is nice but we all know he is just the "other guy"


cate and baze...........all those bickering........and sex tension!
i definitely roots to them.


I say ryan and cate now baze and cate later, like maybe have ryan and cate both agree this was rushed into and they both agree to get a divorce and then because baze is being all suportive she goes to him for help and something just sparks


I agree with Debbie, it will be more interesting to watch how they both grow up into these new roles and take what they have learned from their relationships forward...


Come on folks its gotta be Cate and Baze... All the way dudes... Those two are meant to be. Ryan is Cates backup, if Baze had man'd up then Cate would have ditched Ryan. It's sad but its true love.


I am totally 100% for BAZE AND CATE ... they are meant to be together... they are from those couples that you know will end up together for sure and you can't wait for it to happer ... they are perfect for each other and I dont want a new love interest for baze ... I was so mad when he said he was not inlove with Cate ... cate-baze 4ever!!!!


Ryan and Cate forever! Yep, i want to see more of them. And want Baze and Cate to be just friends. And please, please, don't bring Bug back.


I'm rooting for Ryan & Cate. I hope Baze's new love interest is great for him.


thank god this was renewed cause I ditched cable to save $$ and need some assurance there is still good programming available on the networks. I loved this show and can't wait to see Lux's relationship build with her parents and unlike most people, I'm rooting for Baze and Cate to consumate their feelings for one another one more time. Great chemistry on this show.


Hope we see more Bug and Lux as well... Bug is totally interesting---the bad boy always is

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