The Gates Review: Series Premiere

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Last night, we got to watch one of ABC's new summer programs, The Gates, and before we get to our review of the "Pilot" episode, let's go over the main characters that we were introduced to.

Into The Gates

Nick Monohan: He is the new Chief of police in the Gates community. So far we've learned that he once was a detective and seems like the most honest main character that knows something is up with the community. We can see him being the one who is always in search of the truth, but will never quite get it.

Sarah Monohan: So far her character really hasn't brought anything to the table other then being married to Nick and having to children - one being Charlie.

Charlie Monhan: New kid in school that has a crush on Brett's girlfriend Andie. Out of all the Monohan's we predict Charlie being the first one to figure out that the Gates isn't your average community.

Scene from The Gates

Claire Radcliff: A vampire lady with a thirst for fresh blood and harbors a lack of interest in her lifestyle. She is married to Dylan and they have an adopted daughter named Emily.

Dylan Radcliff: A vampire married to Claire. He changed her into what she is and wants her to survive off of the blood he gets from his biotech company namely for the sake of their daughter Emily.

Andie Bates: A teenage girl that Charlie has a crush on. She also is currently dating Brett.

Brett Crezski: Andie's popular high school boyfriend who has a hard time dealing with his temper most likely because he is a werewolf.

Peg Mueller: Owner of an exotic herb shop in the Gates community. Something tells us that she also has magical powers and is likely a witch.

Devon: Owner of a competing tea shop. So far it looks like Devon will be the one to cause some mischief as it is already clear that she doesn't get along with Peg and Claire.

As much as the whole vampire/werewolf/witch storyline has been done plenty of times before, there is something delightfully intriguing about this new show. We like how it is set in an exclusive community (almost Stepford like) and how it seems rather normal for everyone to be surrounded by such magical/mythical characters. Yet, I have to admit, I am on the whole Vampire bandwagon - I love me some Edward and Eric!!!

One part that does confuse me is Claire's ability to be out during the day, yet after she drank the blood, she got burnt by the sun. What gives? This is the first time I've seen a show give a vampire the ability (or inability) at the same time. And we can't wait to see the explanation for this storyline.

This episode did a good job at introducing us to the characters and making us want to learn more. Like what is Andie? She must know her boyfriend is a werewolf, so why be so careless with her actions with Charlie?

All in all The Gates has us hooked! We look forward to seeing where this show goes and getting to know more about the community. What did you think? Will you be tuning in next week? Let us know!

Follow the jump to read a few of The Gates quotes from last night's pilot episode!

Claire: I could end you and you wouldn't see it coming.
Devon: That wouldn't help solve your problem now would it? | permalink
Claire: You did this to me - you made me who I am! | permalink
Brett: So how do you like this place?
Charlie: Good, I'm figuring it all out.
Brett: Well, I guess you figured out Andie and I are together. | permalink
Nick: That's the old chief that's retired in Mexico. Get me a warrant. | permalink
Dylan: Where is it? Where is it?!
Claire: It's in the wine room. | permalink
Claire: Please tell me you eat carbs. | permalink
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yeh i liked it too, it may not seem original but it is rather pleasant to watch and i'm more intrested in claire's story and the witched too, dont like the new police chief, too intense, the highschool teenage romance is just too predictable for words but i'm still gonna be watching this show next week


@ Mrs. Northman ...about her ability to be out during the day...they did explain it....she covered her entire body with sun-screen and she got burnt where she missed a spot (which she did cover with the sun-screen after the burn)...i know its a bit too easy for the writers, but its kinda a smart solution.


I actually liked "The Gates", which is very surprising for me, because I'm not so much into vampires. But the addiction aspect seems interesting to me, because Claire's almost incapable of resisting her thirst for blood and so I think this will be interesting to see how she handles her addiction.
The storyline with the dead ex-police-chief seems interesting too, although I really dislike Nick. I don't know why, but this obsessive, stalker like detective thing makes me angry.
What I also want to see: why is there Team Claire and Peg vs. Devon. What's the backstory behind this? And do all the supernatural creatures in this town know each other? What is this town exactly?
Bottom line: I'm interested and will keep watching.

The Gates Season 1 Episode 1 Quotes

I'm afraid you're going to have to wait a little bit longer because I'm taken.


Well I'm sure it's just a matter of time.