Caterina Scorsone Promoted to Private Practice Series Regular

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Private Practice has done the obvious and promoted Caterina Scorsone, who plays Dr. Amelia Shepherd, little sister of Grey's Anatomy's Derek, to series regular status.

"It's so fantastic for so many reasons," Scorsone told TV Guide. "Everyone is generous and fantastic, so to know that's going to be my home for a while is pretty nice."

Amelia was introduced at the tail end of Season Three, when she clashed with the Oceanside Wellness doctors over whether she could save one of their patient's lives.

"She's very complex," says Scorsone, who actually went to medical school before deciding she would rather play doctor than be a doctor. "She inspires a whole rainbow of emotions in all the people around her. She's lovable and annoying at the same time."

"She's also tough and fragile at the same time."

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Scorsone has yet to work with Patrick Dempsey, who plays her on-screen brother, but is itching to, and it's only a matter of time. Why write her as his sister otherwise?

"It is a little bit intimidating," she admits.

"Just kowing how passionate people are, wanting to honor their expectations in the relationship with Derek, who is so deeply a part of people's journey on this show."

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes says the writers were already discussing a Shepherd-centric crossover. "We've absolutely been talking about that," adds Scorsone.

The 28-year-old notes: "Based on the history we've already established between Amelia and Derek, there definitely has to be some sort of encounter at some point."

As for the Season 4 premiere of Private Practice, which the cast is currently shooting, Scorsone says the story will pick up a few weeks in the aftermath of Dell's death.

"Everyone's had a little time to process and grieve," she says.

What do you think of Amelia becoming a permanent fixture in SoCal? How do you think the crossover of Big and Little McDreamy should happen? Discuss!

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I don't mind Amelia but she can be really childish and over the top.


I hope she comes to SGMWH just to see how complex and special Meredith is. What is Amelia going to do? Call her a bitch while Meredith just looks at her. Let's face it, Meredith is the last woman I'd like to piss off. She's intimidating and sexy at the same time.


She can stay in L.A with her beloved Addison. We don't need her to be a bitch to Meredith and horrible to Derek. I only want Mama Shepherd to come back again.


I don't care the only Shepherd that I want to see come back to Grey's is Mama Shepherd. Amelia can stay where she is. She is only going to come to SGMWH and be mean to Meredith, since she loves Addison so much and I so don't want to see that.


It's odd, because I've liked Amelia from the get-go. As far as other characters on Private Practice? I don't really give a frick about most of them. Sam, Naomi, Addison, and Cooper all annoy me. I only really like Violet, Amelia, Charlotte, Sheldon, and occasionally Dell.


Unless Amelia changes her perspective on Derek and is nice, she can come to GA. Otherwise she can stay in her shrine to Addie. Sorry, she annoys me. Bad. Also, this is a dirty play by the execs. Putting one of Derek's sisters on the spin-off? Dirty play.


I don't really like her caracther, Amelia. But I do think it would be interesting to get to know that caracther anyways, and mayby get to know Derek better. And hopefully we'll see her on Grey's now that Derek have had an open!

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