Caterina Scorsone to Guest Star on Grey's Anatomy

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As predicted, an all-Shepherd crossover is in the works at Shondaland.

Grey's Anatomy's Derek (Patrick Dempsey) and Private Practice's Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) will be repairing their relationship in the upcoming season of Grey's.

Caterina, who was just promoted to series regular on Private Practice, will appear in the third episode of Grey's this season, Shonda Rhimes confirmed to TV Guide.

The premise is simple: Amelia Shepherd goes to Seattle to reconcile with her brother, Derek. The two Shepherds have not been on speaking terms since Amelia turned to drugs while grieving the death of her father, who was shot and killed in front of her and Derek.

A Solemn Derek
Caterina Scorsone Pic

Derek and Amelia will reunite this fall.

"Family is family," Scorsone says. "Regardless of the strife and tension and drama between the family members, there's a connection that is so deep. Obviously Amelia has a lot of emotion surrounding Derek and that relationship and all the things they've been through together."

In an interesting twist, Amelia will be reluctant to head to Seattle to see her brother, though she'll get a supportive push from none other than Addison (Kate Walsh) to reconcile.

"There's a lot of unresolved emotions surrounding that whole relationship. Everyone can relate to that fear of confronting situations that may result in rejection," says Scorsone.

Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice both return Thursday, September 23. What are your thoughts on the Shepherds' relationship and the upcoming crossover? Discuss!

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I really want addison to come with her haha i love her!


I'm wonder a couple of things... Amelia and Meredith are both very emotional people. However, Meredith can put off her emotions for quite a while and stay calm when needed. Amelia can't do either of those things. Amelia also doesn't think people can really change, they just modify. How will that affect Meredith if it will? I think the big question for me is... How will Amelia act towards Meredith/Derek, and how will Meredith/Derek act towards each other with Amelia being around? I also want to know if Amelia finds out about the miscarriage. I can't help but notice that Amelia shows her dark side just as much as Mer and Cristina. Idk, maybe I'm just crazy.


I like!
I think the character of Amelia is very complex and with the twisted Mer commbination it ill be intresting!


...I hope she's nicer than Nancy.


haha im with you anuflas even though she will be there at least it wont be all about Derek and Addisons past


But if both shows return in September, 23, no two hours season premiere these time... :(


This is gonna be goood! I actually didn't hate Amelia when she first came on PP so her coming to see Derek will be a treat :D


FINALLY! A little backstory for Derek! And no Addison! Woo!


As expected, and I can't wait to see it, but I really hope we do have an Addison crossover. We had two crossovers in the last season technically, when Bailey went to LA and the whole Mark/Sloane/Addison thing.


Not that I'm not loving of the idea of a Shepherd family reunion, because I do, I think I would be more interested in a Grey family reunion. It would be interesting to have Molly in the mix for an episode or two. She can give us more insight about Lexie in her earlier. And I would just love to see Meredith with both of her sisters and neice.

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