Coming to The Daily Planet: Cat Grant

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As Smallville heads into its final season, the show will be adding a new partner for Clark.

Sources confirm the addition of Cat Grant to The Daily Planet payroll, as this DC Comics character will come aboard as Clark's new partner.

For those unfamiliar with the vixen, a Grant primer:

  • She first appeared in a January 1987 edition of Adventures of Superman.
  • She worked as a gossip columnist in Los Angeles before coming to Metropolis.
  • She's a single mother divorcee who is trying to stay sober.

She's also pictured here:

Cat Grant

No actress has been cast as Grant yet. Got any suggestions? It could be difficult to find a female with these... dimensions.

Smallville premieres its new season on September 24. Other casting additions/reprisals include John Schneider and Laura Vandervoort.

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I can't wait for Cat! I hope they can find someone fun for this role.


umm...she previously appeared in a season 9 episode "Crossfire", played by Emilie Ullerup and she was almost nothing like her comic book counterpart. So I can only assume that they're going to recast the part and change her character?


Olivia Munn!!!


Barbara Alyn Woods, nathans mother from one tree hill. if she was a few years younger that is, but when i saw this pic i thought of her first.


By new character I mean as in a NEW MAIN character?


Is she a new character?
Hopefully. Because now with Chloe and Zod gone we only have Clark, Lois, Oliver and Tess.
It sucks Allison Mack decided not to stay. It's the last season! D:

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