Happy Birthday, Ed Westwick! 07/01/2010

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Gossip Girl star and heart throb Ed Westwick turned 23 a few days ago. Our apologies for missing his birthday (June 27), but belated greetings from all of us, Ed!

Edward Westwick, as many of you know, hails from Stevenage, Hertfordshire, England, and received his acting training at the National Youth Theatre in London.

He was also a member of the indie rock band The Filthy Youth before stepping down to concentrate on his acting career, primarily his role as the great Chuck Bass.

For three seasons, Ed has become perhaps the most dynamic and interesting character on our favorite show. We can't wait to see what he brings to GG this fall.

One Handsome Fella

Happy belated birthday, Ed!

Leave a comment with your birthday greetings for the 23-year-old if you like, and click to enlarge some of the Ed Westwick pictures we pulled together below as a tribute:

Ed Westwick Tattoo
Ed Westwick Image
OMFG Again!
Ed Gets His Kicks
Ed Westwick Shirtless
See Bass
Ed Steps Out
Ed Waves
Ed and Jess at the Grove
Hot Ed on Set
Holiday Shoppin'
Chair Love
More Ed
Ed Westwick Pic
Leighton Meester and Ed Westwick Picture

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Can he just come out already?
Anyways happy b-day!
Post some Nate pics please!


Ed is looking hot!
I love this picture!
Happy B-day!


Ed my love!! Happy birthday to you my hot and hadsome man!!!!!


happy b-dayyy

Uche bass

happy birthday my future husband!!!


happy birthday Ed!!! I love you soo much.you are the best on GG.

Bass slut

Was it necessary to use this pic? Didn´t you have anything better? *rolls her eyes* Anyway, happy bday to Ed.


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