Jason Beghe to Guest Star on Castle

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Jason Beghe will guest star this fall on Castle.

On the show's third episode of the season, viewers will learn more about Beckett's early years on the police force. Beghe's character will play a key role in these revelations, as the actor will come aboard as Kate's training officer.

And we hate to break it to Castle, but there two were an item back in the day.

Jason Beghe

Beghe most recently appeared on episodes of Hawthorne and Californication.

Castle returns on September 20.

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This actor certainly looked sleazy from the first moment he slithered on-screen. He torpedoed the writer's and director's plan for the denouement of the plot. Because we immediately knew this actor was untrustworthy within the context of the script, his instant projection of that quality from the outset ruined what the writer and director wanted to be a surprise to the audience late in the show. Actor, costuming, and director all missed the writer's point that "the reveal" of this character as a bad guy was supposed to be "a reveal"! Instead, when he turned out bad, it was a ho-hum, "Yeah, I knew that." This blew what could have been a major emotional impact on the audience--as it was to Beckett. But not to us. Now Beckett seems dim-witted for not knowing what we the audience all knew upon her training officer's first appearance. We should have all been taken in as Beckett was. But he didn't see his true role in the script.

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Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.

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