Katheryn Winnick to Guest Star on Bones, Draw Ire of Viewers

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Are you ready to hate on Katheryn Winnick, Bones fans?

The actress - who has appeared on episodes of House, CSI and Criminal Minds - will likely draw the ire of viewers this season solely due to her role: she's been cast as Booth's new girlfriend.

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The character's name will be Hannah and, as previously reported, she and Booth will have met in Afghanistan. He actually leaves her there to return to D.C. and help Cam, but look for Hannah to follow him home... and soon shack up with her man!

Winnick will appear in at least five episodes, starting with the season premiere on September 23, as first reported by EW.com.

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I just watched this movie and I kinda saw the SAW' lmbeesrence but I got a Se7en' vibe off it too. But wtf the bit with the picture on the mirror wasn't in it, the bit where the car goes on fire wasn't in it, the bit where the dead person is in the bath wasn't in it, the bit where she swings some sort of axe at someone wasn't in it and the bit where someone falls off a building in flames wasn't in it !!! Could someone please explain to me why this is because it's pissing me off !!


I like Booth and Hannah as a couple, they're cute together.




I believe HH and David Boreanaz have both said they don't want the B/B relationship to get to its logical conclusion. Everyone is so scared of "Moonlighting" (which was what..20 years ago!) Are writers so lacking that they can't come up with storylines that resolve the relationship and keep viewers interested. Getting so tired of the games.


KATHERYN WINNICK walks with an Argentinean…. That it lives in Colonel Suarez ..... and Llama Lautaro Expensive Ismael ............. Entren his Facebook or its Twitter ....... Jeeeee


I like her A LOT actually. I mean the actress. Saw her as a guest star in several tv shows (just recently on "Law and Order" with Vincent D'Onofrio) but distinctly remember her from an episode of "House". She's not just a beautiful blonde, she has an edge, she's interesting. Look forward to see her with David Boreanaz, I think they'll have some fine chemistry. What if we end up really liking Booth and Hannah as a couple?


Come on people. Calm down. If you recall Brennan didn't want a relationship and blew him off. Is he just supposed to wait forever? I think it is great! And maybe this is going to be a relationship that will finally make Brennan realize her feelings once and for all!


I don't like this gf thing for booth, come on, we've waited this long, and watched the series just to see that booth and bones DO get together...don't spoil it.


i don't like this girlfriend of booth;it got to be booth and bone;come on mr.hanson.you can do this;so make it happen


i hate and love her already!!

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You can stay here as long as you like. You're my favorite, Vincent! Everyone knows that. Right, Booth?!

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