Lucy Hale Reveals Key Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who is A?!?

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Who is A?

Naturally, this is the main question on the minds of Pretty Little Liars viewers. Reports indicate that we'll soon find out, via a scavenger hunt.

But Lucy Hale has a message about this stalker's identity, one readers of the book series should note closely: "We're doing it completely different on the show."

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the actress who plays Aria reveals the identity of A in the novels, says she doesn't know who it will be on the drama - but emphasizes that changes are afoot. Watch below:

[video url="" title="Lucy Hale Interview"] [/video]

As always, we encourage fans to head over to our PLL forum and debate the identity of A now!

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ok listen all, A isnt mona, alison, toby, Jenna, Jason nor eyan. A is Country who is alison , the last days country (Alison's twin) took her place and started bugging the girls. she has a diary with all their dirty secrets in. she was mentally ill, so her parents didnt let her go out so basically nobody knew about the existance of Country. They kept her sleeping out at the small room beside the house and threatend her not to come in or out so nobody would peek and know.But at dark when alison left to go to the girls (Spencer,Aria,Emily,Hanna) she was the one who peeked and watched them during the stuff they were doing and so by this she knew there dirty secrets and got rid of her twin sister (Alison) and took her place to know everything and get rid of them all, but know she just wants to DESTROY them so they feel the pain she felt. Thats what i know because im currently reading the books of pretty little liars and it shows that alison has a twin sister, and i got thinking that shes up to that all, they mentioned she was always jealous of Alison and she didnt like her at all. but in those series we see Jenna and garret and Jason, maybe eyan too sticking up together, so its confusing but they definetly arent A! im sure.


Why r u guys keepin us in suspense. First i thouht A is Lucas, den Jenna now i guess A could be anyone but not Alison


well Jamie Brown first of all u prolly dont even no urself who a is so dont try to act all cool and say im not gunna tell u idiot

Pll fan

WOW!!!!U CAN'T GO BY THE BOOK!!!! IT IS TOTALLY DIFERENT FROM THE SHOW!!!!! And the song shows that aria is a but that's not it.. it's talking bout when aria and alli saw her dad kissing that girl in the car and mona is A in the BOOK not on the show and allison is dead no twin on the show the book yes but not the show


Well I think that u guys should all stop wasting ur stupid lives and stop asking and watch all of the eps watch Each one carefully and hidden troughout the eps u will find out who a really is and I am not going to tell u


Mona and Lucas are both A because Alison both bullied them
And I think they won't follow the books literally because them everybody alreayd knows the ending xD


I think that A is Melissa. I am not sure though. Haha I probably sound very weird but I think that Jenna is not really blind, Ian is not dead and umm I think that is my conclusion.


Shutup cuz none of yal know nothing!!!!!So yal can just shut yah freakin mouths nobody knows who A is!!!!! If yhu have not noticed the books and shows are different!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


i think its the geek that helped wats her name sell her bags


How many seasons of pretty little liars will there be i need to know i'm hooked

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