Lucy Hale Reveals Key Pretty Little Liars Spoiler: Who is A?!?

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Who is A?

Naturally, this is the main question on the minds of Pretty Little Liars viewers. Reports indicate that we'll soon find out, via a scavenger hunt.

But Lucy Hale has a message about this stalker's identity, one readers of the book series should note closely: "We're doing it completely different on the show."

In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, the actress who plays Aria reveals the identity of A in the novels, says she doesn't know who it will be on the drama - but emphasizes that changes are afoot. Watch below:

[video url="" title="Lucy Hale Interview"] [/video]

As always, we encourage fans to head over to our PLL forum and debate the identity of A now!

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i don't understand where the stuff about alison's twin sister is coming from . i've been paying pretty close attention & i haven't heard anyone mention that . i really do think ali is dead & after seeing the last episode i'm thinking a is jenna & garrett . the two of them are sketchy anyways . i'm just tired of waiting . .


I keep changing my mind because the show is that good
I think A is Mona and Ali was killed as an accident by Ian, Jason, and Garrett - the NAT group or whatever. In the video, it looks like Ali is dead, but she starts moving again.....buried alive.....


you lot are all idiots saying;watch the full song on youtube BECUASE that was made by a band even before the show ppl was invented so suck that to all those who think there is a clue in that!!!!! oh and i also think genna isnt blind and -A is ally and it was her sister who dies and ian killed her thinking it was ally and that whenever the girls see alision in there dreams like emily and hanna did they arnt actually dreaming..


Well I now the hole story A is it is first Mona then Mona gets killed and A becomes Alison because Alison has a twin named courtney and Courtney takes place for ally when she goes to the mental hospital then she escapes and ally killed Courtney that's why Courtney is so mean to there friends me and my older sister r big fans. -A omg can't wait till January


i think A is more than one person. A could be Alison's crazy sister, Courtney, Mona, Lucas(aka Hermie), and Jenna all working together to ruin the Liars lives. but who really knows?? that's just what i think.


-i think Mona is A or Genna and that cop! They a little wierd !_*


i just listened to the song. who is katherine?




mona?? is she A? da fuck! =)) gods sake, i\ve read only the first 2 books :|


I know who -A is and I know who killed Ali and the others.

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