Pretty Little Liars Sneak Peeks: "Reality Bites Me"

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One secret is already out: Aria's dad cheated on her mom.

What will A expose next on Pretty Little Liars? That's the question on the minds of viewers everywhere as we head into next Tuesday's new episode.

It's titled "Reality Bites Me" and the pair of clips below make it clear that at least two developments will be the focus:

  1. Emily's burgeoning relationship with Toby;
  2. Aria's parents having it over over Byron's affair.

Check out the following sneak peeks and remember: the TV Fanatic Pretty Little Liars forum is open for business and conversation! We hope to see you there.

[video url="" title="Reality Bites Me Clip"] [/video]

[video url="" title="Major Fight"] [/video]

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waaaooohhh ... i really hate her dad. js ,,


Toby is so hot! Okay, he is a bit creepy but totally in a hot way! :D I actually like Emily & him together. They have real chemistry, not like Maya and Emily. I feel sorry for Aria's mom. Her dad is a stupid ass, lying to her the whole time and using Aria for his cover up.
Can't wait for this episode, I love this show!


Not only him, but the teacher as well.


yikes. aria's parents going at it.

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