Rookie Blue Review: "Signals Crossed"

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Are you cold?
I'm perfect

The show didn't wait long to couple of Andy and Luke, did it? On "Signals Crossed," we see this pair making out within the first 90 seconds and embracing each other in the final shot. While Detective Callaghan may seem like the ideal man now, does anyone else believe he'll turn out to have a major flaw or two?

And Swarek, who seems so rough around the edges, will turn out to be the right person for Andy? If we were a betting site, that's where we'd lay our money.

Dov and Diaz

This week's episode really emphasized the first word in the series' title. Most of the main characters came off so naive and poor at their jobs that it was almost unappealing and difficult to believe.

Traci is really so unsettled by the sight of dead bodies that she covers up photos of them with Post-It notes?!? Diaz is really that uncomfortable with pretending to be gay? Epstein is that bothered by sitting in his car as back-up?

The latter example came off as cute and consistend with Gregory Smith's character, but the others forced me to consider how these people even passed basic training.

Then again, how can I complain about any aspect of "Signals Crossed" when Missy Peregrym was wearing such a revealing outfit the entire time? Hot diggity!

Once again, the comparisons with Grey's Anatomy were impossible to ignore (the scene in which Traci, Andy, Dov and Diaz) walked into work together was pretty much a direct copycat of that ABC hit), and the one-liners were often easy to see coming a dozen miles away (We don't all dress like prostitutes all the time, Andy!).

But it's hard to dislike Peregrym or Smith in their characters. I'd like to see the show really just turned over to these two, with the others serving more periphery roles.

I'd also like to see the format switched up a bit each week. So far, each episode develops in the same pattern: Andy messes up. Andy takes a risk to make up for it. It succeeds, but Swarek has some words of wisdom on how it could have been handled better.

What did you think of the installment? We've listed a few Rookie Blue quotes from it below:

McNally: My stomach is turning.
Epstein: That's called the thrill of the job. | permalink
Diaz: He's much more believable as a gay dude.
Epstein: It's true. I shave my chest. | permalink
Swarek: You always take so long figuring out what to wear?
McNally: You always hang around women locker rooms? | permalink
Luke: Are you cold?
McNally: No. I'm perfect. | permalink


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All rookies make mistakes. I think it was perfectly believeable to have her forget to load her gun. She did just fine pretending it was loaded. All those people who think rookies wouldn't be that nervous, lets stick YOU out in the real world and point a gun in your face and see how you do. It's completely different training for something than when you actually have to do it. No amount of schooling can prepare you for the real world, and that's what we're seeing.


The episode tonight (July 22) was the worse ever! Any REAL rookies would be let go before they end up killing each other. Like no magazine in the holster?? Who takes their own kid in their patrol car??? This is poorly scripted and is not like the real world. I hope the show gets better.


Swarek and Andy are so cute together :)


I can see Luke's character having the flaw of his wife and/or child being murdered. Which is why he got into homicide. Something related to his job and it made him turn into alcohol which will remind her of her dad, etc, etc.


I think its working just fine for me. I do agree that Callaghan is going to have some fatal flaw(that he doesn't seem to care at all about dead bodies, and that makes Andy angry-Episode 6) and Swarek is gonna turn out to be the guy for Andy. Flashing back to a promo of Swarek gingerly pulling a dead girl out of the front-seat of a truck then Callaghan saying to Andy something like "you have to get over it, you see these things every day doing what we do" and Andy's tearing up and backing away. Paralleling the differences between Swarek and Luke. Can't wait for Andy to drop Luke.


I am really enjoying this show!! I want more moments with Dov!! I miss Ephram!! Gregory Smith is such a cutie and I agree they need to focus on the other characters too. I'm not a fan of Andy and Swarek together. He is her training officer and the writers would just be copying way too much from Grey's. Come on if Andy starts hooking up with him it would be like Meredith hooking up with her attending. Luke is a much better choice!


I like Rookie Blue the way it been so far. I would like to see more of the other characters rather than just focusing on Andy's character all the time. I think focusing on Andy messing up week after week will get boring. I would like to see more of Diaz's character (he is the hottest guy on the show). I will definately continue to watch this show every week!


This show gets better and better for me every week. I liked seeing Andy and Dov working together and their funny bickering. And I keep waiting for moments between Swarek and Andy. I also agree that the detective seems so perfect he must be hiding something. Reminds me of when we discovered McDreamy had a wife at the end of the first season of Greys. Except in this case I think Andy will end up Swarek. Cant wait for next week!

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Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Swarek: You always take so long figuring out what to wear?
McNally: You always hang around women locker rooms?

Diaz: He's much more believable as a gay dude.
Epstein: It's true. I shave my chest.