The Secret Life of the American Teenager Review: "New York, New York"

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You cannot date your sister's... IMPREGNATOR!!!
- George

On "New York, New York," people started talking more and owning up to their “secrets.”  Perhaps most notably, Adrian told everyone she is pregnant.  And by everyone, I mean EVERYONE.  There’s no better way to set the record straight than to make a hallway announcement in the middle of a high school.

Poor Ben, though, he still hadn’t told his girlfriend Amy the news. This whole scenario is what makes this show so hard to believe.  In what I like to call “The Real Life of the American Teenager,” a girl announcing her pregnancy would’ve been texted, Tweeted, Facebook posted, emailed... Hell, even written in the sky by the time she even got to her next class.

Somehow, though, Amy, who is still in New York, has yet to catch wind of this gossip bomb.  She’s across the country, not in a hut in the middle of the dessert with no Internet or cell connection.  To maximize dramatic effect (and because Bobby Baccala said so) Ben flies to New York to tell Amy face-to-face.  Oh, he also flew on his family’s private jet.  Who knew the sausage business was so lucrative?

Ben Picture

As one could predict, Amy freaks out and delivers the best performance I’ve seen her give on this show to date.

The rest of the show was relatively uneventful.  Ricky’s mom was back in town to surrender and go back to jail.  She and Ricky have a few heartfelt moments.  Tom doesn’t get a job because he failed his drug test thanks to the pot brownies incident.  Jack’s secret is discovered about him living in the Beauman guesthouse and Josie Bissett is pissed. 

In the least surprising revelation of all, Ashley admits that she “more than likes Ricky.”  Molly Ringwald gets to play the cool parent for once.  She tells Ashley that in love and relationships, sometimes we need to listen to our heads more than our hearts. 

Pretty good writing for a show that is perpetually ridiculous.


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When is she going to be back from new york? There are enough scenes with her since she left. Not enough drama.


lol I agree with ya Rachel - I get so irritated by this show but I still watch it every week. This was one of Amys better shows - she is definately growing into her own. But shes about the only one. I hate George and Grace. Ricky is supposed to be this badass kid but he drives a hybrid? WTF???? Ben just needs to go already, and Grace is the worst of them all. I started watching the show cause I was a teen mom but it is so far fetched from real life that it just gets on my nerves. And yet - why can't I stop watching it? LMAO


Ben is seriously a huge pussy!! no one in real life would be that scared of telling his girlfriend about having a baby, i really hate him & he deserves to be dumped. nit because he is having a baby with someone else but because he IS NOT a man. this whole show is just annoying sometimes. but this was one of the better episodes. I really hope that Amy & Ricky end up together because he is a MAN. When Ben found out about the pregnancy his FIRST thought was 'omg what do i tell amy?' when it should have been 'omg how am i going to suport a baby?'


it is so match good drame ricky must miss maey in new york i am a 13 year old teen boy who like this show i like the girl that gril that ben is haveing the babey with that gril i dont know her name she is cute


I agree with Casey!! Oh my god the impregnator, that was great!!!


i agree! Shailene's acting was amazing at the end!

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