The Secret Life of the American Teenager Season 3

Adrian is ready to have the baby on The Secret Life this week. But something goes terribly wrong.

This is part one of a two part episode. In it, Ben and Adrian's wedding reception is held in school.

"It's Not Over Till It's Over"

Not everyone is excited for Adrian and Ben getting married. Read on for a recap of this episode.

Adrian hosts a baby shower this week, one attended by Lauren, Madison, Amy and Grace. Elsewhere, Ricky discovers that Leo is having problems with stress.

There's an uproar in town this week. It's over Adrian's impending baby shower.

Grace and Adrian going wedding dress shopping, while Amy gets stuck planning a baby shower. Grace and Grant have relationship troubles.

No one is happy about Amy's plans to move in with Ricky - including Ricky. Leo encourages Ricky to think about college, and Anne accuses Amy of rushing things.

Adrian and Ben go condo hunting, while Amy and Ricky discuss their living situation.

Grace and Grant have an important decision to make on the next episode of Secret Life. Any guesses on what that could be?

"Guess Who's Not Coming to Dinner"

Ricky finds out that his mother is dating a woman, Ashley's homeschooling isn't going very well, and Ben asks Ruben and Cindy a question.

Amy and Ricky's mother finally meet this week. Elsewhere, Jack and Grace have an important chat.

It's the premiere of the second half of season three of The Secret Life of the American Teenager. Read on for a full recap, as the kids are all back from summer vacation.

The Secret Life closes out its summer season with this episode. As always, we've got a full recap of how it all goes down.

It's the third season finale, folks. Ricky and Amy are back from New York on the episode and have a lot to sort through, that's for certain.

Amy is angry over her family and friends forgetting her birthday on this week's episode, while Adrian goes through a scare because she has an emergency exam regarding her pregnancy.

Ricky returns from New York on this episode and of course everyone wants to know what happened between him and Amy over the weekend. But neither side wants to discuss the events.

Ben's father throws Ben and his pals a summer party at their house on this week's episode. During the shindig, Ashley reveals that Rickey has flown to New York to see Amy.

Grace tries to find a boyfriend for Griffin on this week's episode. Meanwhile, Ashley now has feelings for both Grant and Ricky. That can't be good.

Amy offers guidance and support to Adrian this week. That's awfully nice of her. Elsewhere, George plans a romantic night with Anne and Ricky asks for assistance from Ruben.

It's off to New York City this week for Ben. He has to break the news to Amy: Adrian is knocked up.

On this week's episode, Adrian's decision about her pregnancy makes its way around. Soon enough, it seems like Amy is the only one who still doesn't know.

Bristol Palin makes a cameo on this week's episode. Meanwhile, Amy faces her own problem, as a rumor spreads throughout school that says she's pregnant again.

What happens with Amy away in New York City this week? Ricky moves into the Juergens' home, something that doesn't sit very well with Anne and George.

Ben tries as hard as he can to NOT tell Amy about his secret this week. As for the latter? She realizes she may have a chance to take her music course, after all.

On this week's installment, Amy gets accepted into a New York music program. Meanwhile, Jack must find a new place in which to reside.

Ben thinks Adrian is lying about her pregnancy; Jack finds out his family is moving but wants to stay; Ashley discussed birth control with her doctor.

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