White Collar Review: "Copycat Caffrey"

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Last night's episode of White Collar reminded me why I LOVE this show!

"Copycat Caffrey" moved us one step closer in finding more information regarding the elusive music box, while showing us not only how cool white collar crimes can be, but that anyone can do it! Even college kids!

All kidding aside, I really enjoyed this weeks plot. Having the teacher be the puppet master was great. Although the college kids seemed all too eager to be actual thieves. The scene where they set up to steal the gold coins was pretty much a giveaway. What I didn't expect was Caffrey for the second week in a row being outwitted. What's goin' on Neal? Slacking on the job?

Placing a Call

It was fun watching Neal glow when he heard that one of his jobs was being copied - then finding out that an entire week was dedicated to his brilliant work as a mastermind thief was genius! He reminded me of a little boy who brought home his first gold star from school - he just couldn't be prouder.

Alex was a nice touch to the show this week. Normally, I am not a huge fan of her, but this week she kept me completely fascinated. I could never be too sure which side she was playing.

It's funny because you can say the same for Neal. It's not like he came out of training and is a clone of Peter - he was a criminal and it's in him. Case in point - he let Alex leave with the painting.

The dynamics between Neal and Alex felt electrifying. I really enjoyed watching them play the con on one of the students in the bar and then again pretending to have a quarrel. Hopefully, the writers will continue to bring her back and possibly some hot and sexy scenes together? Neal is the only hot man on TV that I've seen be so great with the women, but never get any! Might as well be wearing a purity ring...

So now we know that the music box must be hiding something inside it - but what? Since Neal has the key and Peter doesn't want Neal to know that he has the box, when do you think these two will put their perspective pieces together? What do you think is inside?

This episode brought to surface all the great aspects about the show and I can honestly say, I can't wait to see what happens next! What did you think of this week's episode?

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Neal: You guys should get those Christmas tree air fresheners.
Peter: You don't like the van. Noted. | permalink
Peter: (referring to Neal) Glad he's on our side. | permalink
Peter: Jones deserved an Oscar. | permalink
Peter: You're excited someone's copying you.
Neal: Imitation - flattery. Same thing. | permalink
Peter: Who are they copying?
Neal: Me. | permalink
Mozzie: I'm friends with many people of unsavory character. | permalink


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ditto to what Bertrand says. where can we find what the music box was playing?


To be honest, if we get any steamy scenes beyond the fairly mild situations we've been shown, I will be pretty disappointed. It would degrade an otherwise decent program. There are not enough shows that are smart, witty, etc. that the whole family (those families who do choose to restrict what is viewed by the younger ones in the house, that is) can watch and feel relatively safe about. Furthermore, it was already implied that Neal and Alex had sex (remember the pool scene?) so why do we have to actually see it? And finally, the LAST person I want to see him have ANY kind of relationship with is Alex. While she was at least tolerable in this episode, she is not right for Neal. If Neal is to really be on the side of the law for good (which seems to be what he's slowly heading towards), Alex will not comply. At least, not at this point in time. She would need extreme character development for that to be possible. Point in case - she took the painting. She hasn't given up the crime and when she's around, neither has Neal. Definitely not a good idea for him to hang with her too much.


I feel the same way about some steamy scenes! Its been 1 and 1/2 seasons and still Neal has not gotten any! Come on writers give the guy some love!


Does anyone know what song that is that the music box plays? I think it's absolutely beautiful. I think its safe to assume that its of Russian descent, considering the box's origins, but, what is it called?


I love this episode!!!! and totally agree I want to see some hot scenes form Neal plz!!!

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White Collar Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

I'm friends with many people of unsavory character.


It would have made my job easier if you kept it from the press.