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White Collar Season 2

"Under the Radar"

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"Power Play"

This should be entertaining: Neal and Peter switch identities on this installment. It's titled "Power Play."


It's the return of Neal's old rival this week. Read on for a full recap of "Payback."


Diahann Caroll and Billy Dee Williams both stop by for appearances on this episode of White Collar.

"What Happens in Burma"

Peter and Neal work to free a diplomat's son on this episode. The investigation requires them to use a few diplomatic laws to their advantage.

"Forging Bonds"

White Collar gives us a flashback episode this week. It will show us how Peter and Neal met, while featuring the former with a mustache.

"Burke's Seven"

Welcome back, White Collar! This USA hit returns with its first episode of 2011, titled "Burke's Seven" and recapped here.

"Point Blank"

The summer season of White Collar comes to an end this week with "Point Blank". During the installment, Neal aims to arrange a con to get to Kate's murderer.

"Company Man"

Peter and Neal set out to solve the killing of a head researcher of a tech company this week. Aptly, the episode is titled "Company Man."

"Prisoner's Dilemma"

In "Prisoner's Dilemma", Peter is convinced a fellow FBI agent, who is a suspect in a crime this week, is innocent. As a result, he runs off with this individual in an attempt to clear his name.

"In the Red"

A criminal extorts adoptive parents on this week's episode, "In the Red". In response, Neal and Peter must enter the world of high-stakes gambling.

"Unfinished Business"

The life of an insurance investigator is at stake this week in "Unfinished Business". To save her, Neal and Peter must determine the reasons why a real estate mogul put a bounty on her head.

"By the Book"

This week's episode, "By the Book", Mozzie must save his waitress sweetheart before it's too late. Read our full summary to find out what happened!

"Copycat Caffrey"

In "Copycat Caffrey", Neal and Peter attempt to catch a criminal who is using Neal's M.O. on this week's episode. Read our review to find out what happened!

"Need to Know"

Neal goes undercover on "Need to Know" - his goal? To stop a corrupt politician. Read our full recap to see what happened.


White Collar is back with its second season. "Withdrawal" deals with Neal's reaction to Kate's death while trying to catch a well known bank robber. Read on for a detailed rundown of "Withdrawal."

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