Cast of Glee Gets Animated for The Simpsons Season Premiere

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Life is good for Amber Riley, Cor Monteith and Lea Michele.

These three Glee stars appear on a Fox hit; helped kick off the Emmy Awards with a rousing opening number; and will appear as animated characters on The Simpsons season premiere.

As previously reported, Riley, Monteith and Michele will voice campers who encourage Lisa to follow her creative side on the September 26 episode, as Marge surprises her with a week-long retreat at a performing arts camp.

Get your first look at their animated versions below. Not bad, huh?

Amber Riley on The Simpsons
Animated Cory Monteith
Animated Lea Michele

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Horst: (Sinister) Okay, Mr. Burns, you win. But beware. We Germans aren't all smiles and sunshine.
Mr. Burns: (Sarcastic) Oooh, the Germans are mad at me. I'm so scared! Oooh, the Germans! (Hiding behind Smithers) Uh oh, the Germans are going to get me!
Horst: Stop it!
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Mr. Burns: Don't let the Germans come after me. Oh no, the Germans are coming after me.
Man: Please stop the "pretending you are scared" game, please.
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Horst: Stop it, Mr. Burns.
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