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"Days of Future Future"

In a future world, Lisa is married to Millhouse, Bart argues with ex-wife Jenna, and Homer gets a new clone when he dies on The Simpsons.

Marge isn't happy when Lisa begins dating a competitive eater and she enlists Homer's help to stop it on The Simpsons.

"You Don't Have to Live Like a Referee"

Homer is recruited to be a referee for the World Cup, after Lisa gives a speech about his integrity on The Simpsons.

"The War of Art"

Homer and Marge struggle over whether to split the money with their neighbor when they buy a priceless work of art at a garage sale on The Simpsons.

"The Winter of His Content"

When a retirement home closes due to health violations, Marge takes in some of its residents but isn't happy with how Homer fits in on The Simpsons.

Bart becomes friends with a new transfer student and aspiring falconery champion on The Simpsons.

"The Man Who Grew Too Much"

On a field trip, Lisa finds out the Sideshow Bob is now a chief scientist at a major chemical engineering company on The Simpsons.

"Specs and the City"

Homer is surprised to learn that Marge is seeing a marriage counselor on The Simpsons.

"Married to the Blob"

Homer offers dating advice to the Comic Book Guy on The Simpsons.

"Steal This Episode"

Homer starts a movie piracy business after Bart shows him how to illegally download films on The Simpsons.