Courtney Ford Lands Role on The Vampire Diaries

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Courtney Ford has landed the role of a Blue Devil on The Vampire Diaries.

The actress - who recurred last year on Dexter and has guest-starred on Grey's Anatomy and NCIS - will portray Vanessa, a Duke University graduate student who helps Damon, Alaric and Elena sort through Isobel’s past research.

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Said roducer Kevin Williamson of the possibly recurring role:

“She’s not without her own intrigue. It’ll be a nice little part for someone. And it’s a part that could evolve into this massive story line or we could gut her like a fish.”

Here's hoping for the former result!

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Well, new characters always add a little spice to the show, especially the characters. She's gorgeous and hopefully the character will be tolerable. VD is the only show where I actually enjoyed new characters they brought into the show.


I'm not interested in new characters, I'm interested in the one's we already have. We certainly don't need to add more.


after gossip girl's vanessa..i'd rather they chose another name for her character!


Blue Devil's are the Duke mascot. I am thinking that the TVD crew is trying to make the audience think she is supernatural- when in fact she is just a human grad student.


i loved Kevin Williamson's reused " or we could gut her like a fish". I suddenly have the urge to watch the Scream francise. Also, just wondering if he will go in depth to explain what a blue devil is

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