Covert Affairs Review: All About Auggie

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Covert Affairs proved it's more than a one-woman operation this week.

The episode "Communication Breakdown" was all about Auggie, as Annie was pushed into the background and we learned a great deal about her best friend at work.

Soon after Annie discovered he was sleeping with Liza Hearn, Auggie scoffed and basically said: come on, you know me too well to believe that. But that's when it hit me - we don't really know Auggie at all. He's been a fascinating character to watch because Christopher Gorham does such a great job playing blind.

But what background did we really have on the guy until now? The episode made us understand why he has many reasons to be bitter toward the CIA, as that organization can truly take over one's life (something Annie learns in almost every interaction with her sister).

Auggie Action

In just one hour, Covert Affairs made us feel bad for this ladies' man. We saw that he's very much capable of love, and also that even his bedroom dalliances can be tied into professional missions.

Then again, did you see Liza (Emmanuelle Vaugier) in her lingerie?!? I'll trade jobs with Auggie right now if he wants.

I also must give props to the show for resisting the urge to hook Annie up with Auggie or Jai. Seeds have clearly been planted for a little love triangle here, but the series is taking its time and just giving viewers the occasional flirting.

By doing so, it's establishing Annie as a strong female character, one that may use her looks and charm when necessary, but who is a capable agent before all else. I'm calling it right now, too: before this season is over, Annie will have revealed her job to her sister.

Anne Dudek is simply too strong of an actress to continually play such an unimportant role. Her character needs money, after all. Maybe she can cater for the CIA!

Overall, a terrific episode that proved how strong of a show Covert Affairs has become. It's not difficult to establish a three-dimensional, layered main character - but this USA hit now has a pair of them, as I'm ever bit as interested in Auggie as I am in Annie.

What did you think?


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Auggie wasn't driving. If you look you will notice that there is a seat in front of him. I think it is some sort of car service or cab service.


I agree with all the kudos--so glad I hooked into this series right from the beginning. I have a huge question about this latest episode--was that Auggie driving!!! in the middle of the episode--after he leaves work saying "I love this job." Someone enlighten me, please as to what I am missing here. Re-ran this scene many times--Auggie is on the driver's side and no one else in the car??


Best episode yet !
For one they don't center the story on Annie. Fresh !
Is it me or USA Network has the best shows on tv ! Don't get me wrong, I like Piper Perabo, but since I saw Emmanuelle Vaugier in Humain Target, she would have been great in the first role… And she's hot. Anyway, best new show this season. Period...


Okay...I love this show! i watched it last night on the DVR, and I'm sitting at work today and can't get the visual of Auggie without a shirt out of my head. When I saw him in the first few minutes of the episode..i was like "HOT DAMN" I had no idea he was so hot underneath...matches his sooo cute looks..mmmmm Auggie is my new man =)


OMG I love A-A (Auggie and Annie) couple!!!!!


I think my heart broke when I saw Auggie with Liza Hearn. Though I'm still waiting impatiently for the day that Agnie(horrible couple name, but whatever) become official.


to me, this was the best episode of Covert Affairs to date! i would definitely like some insight on the Auggie-Joan relationship. there is definitely something there.they both know and understand each other all too well. maybe the writers will follow on this story-line. anyways, this show has got me hooked!

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