Gossip Girl Photos: "Double Identity"

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Chair. Reunited.

We just posted a huge gallery of season premiere pictures. Now, we're doubling the Parisian fun with a ton of pics from the second episode of the fourth season, "Double Identity." The season begins September 13, with this episode set for September 20.

As you can see, Chuck and Blair will cross paths on this episode of Gossip Girl. The question is in what context, and how will their meeting shape the season to come?

Blair and Chuck in Paris
International Phone Plan
Peas in a Pod
Lunching Ladies
Ow, My Head
Not Your Average Tourist
Three Legs
Belle Du Jour
Paris, Serena and Blair
A Fleeting Glimpse

We welcome your theories and comments about this much-anticipated episode. Even the title is mysterious. Follow the jump for lots more "Double Identity" pictures ...

Not Her Best Fashion
Chuck Lives
Blair-Serena Smooch
Waldorf in Paris
S in Paris
At the Museum
Lost in Paris and in Thought
Juliet Sharp
Chuck and Eva Picture
So Beautiful in Red

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The only thing worthy watching is Chuck and Blair. Ed and Leighton are the best actors


Seriously, how many times can Chuck and Blair get back together?
Boring and repetitive.


i hope blair moves on already. why cant she move on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! she always has to be the one who pines or is left.


Loveee this!!
And to whoever said this gown was orange, its actually vermilion, a reddish orange color that is similar to the color scarlet


Fantastic Leighton and Hottest man alive Ed!!! And the chemistry between them as always as on all the scenes they have together is just epic.I am speechless.
This two has to come back together asap.I can't bear to watch Chairless episodes.I can't bear to watch them with other silly prince thing or Eva whore.They are only perfect for each other not anybody else.

Kimberly anne

Leighton is so beautiful in that oranga dress. And Ed is just...oh boy its getting really hot in here.


The Chair-picture gives me butterflies. Pure beauty! LOVE.


I don't like Serena's hair on these photos.... what is this thing above her ponytail? Just awful! Other than that-everyone and everything look gorgeous :)


OMG! so excted. Blair looks gorgeous as usual.


hey!!do you know the song from the trailer of g.g. season 4?

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