Blair and Chuck in Paris
Blair and Chuck ... reunited! What becomes of the couple once they cross paths again in France? Stay tuned!

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really2 love that scene so amazing the dialogue


mizz, you crack me up! :")


C - "I hope your French Prince didn't buy that dress. You know, I could buy better" *smirks*
b - "And I see your whore Eva has you using your...'cane' daily"


Blair: Looking reproachful, and hurt
Chuck: Begging her with his eyes, looking desperate


@bow to the QUEEN - LOL, no Chair love this season, just a cover for Blair's dope habit :D


anyone know what is the clutch blair is holding??its cute and the dress is juz it valentino?

Elise of the upper east side

haha a packet of dope @margi??! i'm betting its the train ticket LOLLLL


what is that paper that hi is holding????????
i believe its a train ticket. but i could be wrong. it may also be a packet of dope or something.
but spoilers tell us that cheva tries to leave for London but the chair pseudo reunion stops that so then cheva goes to NY instead.


what is that paper that hi is holding????????


i hope blair and chuck get back together. they are my favourite couple in the movie and i don`t know how am i suposed to wait so long to see them again.

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Gossip Girl Season 4 Episode 2 Quotes

Chuck: When you dragged me in from that alley, you didn't just save my life, you gave me the hope of a new one.
Eva: Well the you I've been living with never did anything to be ashamed of. I hope you'll bring some of him with you back to your world.
Chuck: I fully intend to. If you'll come with me.
Eva: To New York? You got me a ticket?
Chuck: We don't need tickets. I'm Chuck Bass.

Blair: Just because you're poorly dressed doesn't mean you're not Chuck Bass.
Chuck: Why would I want to be him?